A 7-Step Process To Manifest Any Dream, Any Time

Written by Cristina Bold

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In order to create your dream life—the one you've always imagined—you need to embrace change. Here are seven ways to actually do it:

1. Take your time and define your passions.

Making change means breaking out of your comfort zone to explore your passions. Be brutally, completely honest about what you really enjoy and what's important to you.

2. Get precise about your vision.

It's easy to use vague language when describing what you want out of life. But in order to know exactly what sort of vision you're after, you need to nail down the details.

Take a notebook (it doesn't have to be a fancy one!) and choose a quiet place to sit and reflect. Write down specifics about the life you see for yourself. What exactly do you want to achieve? And how will you know once you get it? Write everything down.

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3. Continually reinforce your motivation.

Once you figure out exactly what you want, keep up the momentum to chase after it by reaching outside of yourself. Remind yourself who else stands to benefit from your successes. Think of all your loved ones—how will it affect them down the road? Visualize how your achievements will affect them in two years, then five, then ten. Stay in that vision and feel that energy. Return to this visualization exercise each time your motivation engines go down.

4. Make a plan for achieving your dream, and set a starting date.

What skill sets do you need to learn to chase your dream? What new knowledge do you need to acquire for the journey? One of the simplest ways to craft a road map is to model it after the actions of the people who already succeeded in what you wish to achieve. Find those people, interview them. Read about their own journeys. Learn. Then hit the ground running and replicate their steps.

5. Work on your beliefs.

Our internal beliefs can send us shooting forward or hold us back. They call the shots about how we really feel about ourselves, who we are, and what we're capable of achieving. Saying you'll run a marathon but not being able to imagine yourself still breathing after 5 miles isn't good enough. Rewrite your negative beliefs using practices like meditation, daily affirmations, journaling, creative visualizations...whatever works best for you. Remember that beliefs drive perceptions, perceptions drive habits, and habits drive actions and success. You get to be who you think you are.

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6. Educate your discipline.

If you want to master any area, you need to work diligently and stay focused. Consciously set daily habits that serve your purpose, and remain aware of distractions. You have to set new habits in the pursuit of your dream and develop a distractions radar that reminds you to stay on track.

7. Decide each day to take three small steps a day.

No step is too small. Pick up the phone book to search for a number or read an article. By taking these small actions consistently, you set a win response in your brain. You start feeling like you/re making progress and, in time, this feeling develops into a belief and then into an attitude. And, before you know it, you'll be knocking your dream out of the park.

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