Do You Need A Life Audit? Here's How To Tell

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Very rarely do we have time in the day-to-day to reflect on who we are, who we want to be, what we want, and what type of connection and relationships we want to invest in.

We forget to stop and think about why we're doing what we do. That's where a life audit can come in handy. It involves asking yourself questions, like these:

  • How am I doing?
  • How am I feeling?
  • Where am I going?
  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • What do I need to let go of?
  • What's important now that perhaps wasn't before?
  • What do I need to be focusing on more?
  • Where do I need to be spending more/less time?
  • What type of partner/parent am I being?

And beyond that, it means really taking inventory of everything you're doing and being, then prioritizing what's important to you and eliminating what's not.

Your answers will reveal which areas of your life need urgent attention. Looking at different areas of your life honestly will help you see recurring problems and patterns that need your focus.

Think of it like looking in the mirror—what you see depends on how much you turn up the lights. How well it works depends on how honest you are.

Here are five areas of life in which it can be especially helpful to run an audit:

1. Friends and family

2. Love life

3. Spirituality

4. Work

5. Health and well-being

You might want to focus on one area or take a good look at all five for a holistic overhaul. Here are examples of how you might adjust each area for optimal results.

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If you are wholly absorbed in bringing up children but find it a daily struggle, you obviously need to implement time for self-care. Add "me time" to your to-do-list.


If your friends are not authentic or benefiting your growth or being supportive, it might be a good time to find a new tribe.

Romantic relationship:

If there is no passion, intimacy, or fun in your relationship, you need to do what it takes to reignite your mojo and turn the love barometer up. If that doesn't work, you might need to consider that maybe the flame has fizzled out because it's time to move on. Not all relationships are made to last.

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If you've abandoned your yoga and meditation practice and lost connection with your inner being, you might be wondering why your spiritual growth has ceased. Time to get back to the mat and remind yourself that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.


If you drag yourself to work every morning questioning why you do this to yourself and count the hours until quittin' time, you obviously need to make a change in your career. Or if your job is affecting your relationships and health, it might be time to make some changes so your work does not take over your life.

Health and well-being:

If you're feeling tired, overweight, and stressed, you've neglected your health, so it's time to implement a wellness plan and stick to it. Without your health, you have nothing!

Once you've done your audit, then what?

Take ownership of your life by making a plan, putting steps in place, and implementing them.

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