A Meditation To Help You Feel Your Best While Pregnant

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Courtney Sunday is a wellness writer, health coach, and author of several books about mindfulness.
A Meditation To Help You Feel Your Best While Pregnant

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There are many science-backed reasons to try prenatal yoga—from improving sleep to reducing lower back pain. However, when your pregnancy glow is feeling a little more like pregnancy morning sickness, it can be hard to imagine any more movement besides the movement between your couch and the toilet.

That's why meditation can be helpful for those times when vinyasa flow is off the table. Meditation can keep the heads of mamas-to-be above water (and better yet, help keep their food down). It can also work as excellent labor preparation, so even if waves of nausea are hitting you, there is no better time to start than now.

As a yoga teacher (who has a lot of pregnant friends right now!), here's a meditation I recommend to feel better during pregnancy morning sickness:

Start by removing any smells that may be triggers. See if you can sit in a scent-free place or diffuse some lemon or peppermint oil in a room if you feel that may help.

Close your eyes. Try to breathe through your belly, with your baby. You don’t have to mask anything. If you feel nausea ripple through you, just take a deep breath. As with any meditation, you don’t want to push anything away, nor do you want to cling to anything. If you find yourself getting annoyed or frustrated with bodily sensations, bring your awareness to the emotions that are contained in the morning sickness.

Come back to deep belly breaths. Breathe for two.

Really tune in to the belly rising and falling. Depending on the trimester you are in, you may get quite a reaction. After around 10 breaths, breathe naturally. Trust in the process of your body. You and your baby are united in the process of growing and becoming. Feel this connection.

Now, bring your thumb together with each finger. As the thumb touches the index finger, think “Sa.” As it touches the middle finger, think “Ta.” As it touches the ring finger think “Na.” As it touches the baby finger, think “Ma.” Sa. Ta. Na. Ma.

This pays tribute to every stage in life, including the impending birth of your little one. Feel free to say it out loud. Even in the womb, babies love the sound of their mother’s voice!

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