The Spiritual Trick That Will Help You FINALLY Go On A Digital Detox

Written by Heather Askinosie

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Digital detoxes are slowly but surely becoming mainstream, and for good reason. Taking a break from electronics can lower your stress and anxiety levels, clear your mental clutter, and strengthen your personal connections.

But some people get anxiety just thinking about life without technology. When you’re submerged in the world of texting and social media, it's easy to become overstimulated. Crystals are symbolic of the energy of nature—pure simplicity. They aren’t asking your mind to do anything; they are just asking you to be. When you hold a crystal in your hands, you breathe a little deeper and you are reconnected with the energy of the Earth.

Here's a three-step process to ease your way into a digital detox using crystals:

1. Take a shungite bath to detox from lingering energy.

Shungite is an ancient mineral stone that's packed with molecular structures called fullerenes, which are said to reduce the concentration of free radicals in the body. You can incorporate shungite's healing properties into your own home-spa routine by adding the stone to your bath.

Fill up your tub, place chips of shungite in the bath, and let them soak for 20 minutes for a cleansing electromagnetic detox. The bathwater will turn black due to the stone's high carbon concentration. It’s almost as if the black water sucks the negativity out of your body in a way that regular water cannot. Instead of just cleaning the dirt from your skin, it goes deeper to remove the buildup of all toxic energy from your mind, body, and aura.

2. Practice a disconnecting ritual.

Once your physical detox is complete, it's time to facilitate a mental shift. Set the goal to disconnect from technology for at least an hour (but hopefully two or three!) each day. Think of what you could reconnect with if you disconnect for just a few hours a day.

Remind yourself that time can either be sped up with electronics or slowed down with breath and meditation.

When you start your detox period, hold a piece of shungite in your nondominant hand and ask yourself, "Is using my technology making my life easier, or has it become a time-suck?" Tell yourself why you need a detox, and picture what you will gain from those quiet moments. Then spend 10 to 20 minutes sitting in meditation. Allow this new mindful habit to replace the mindless scrolling you would have been doing before.

Once you finish your meditation, keep the shungite stone with you during the remainder of your detox period and allow it to remind you of your intention to live in the moment, without electronic distractions.

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3. Turn everything off for 24 hours.

Once you feel comfortable taking shorter breaks from technology, challenge yourself to completely shut off for 24 hours. During this 24-hour period, connect with the energy of a smoky quartz stone or an onyx stone. Sometimes when you disconnect from something, it’s easier to connect with something else. Crystals can be that tool for you. They will help to fill that void and keep you grounded and centered.

Being alone with your thoughts is a gift. In the silence, you can hear your truth and find your way back home to yourself. In the silence, information and wisdom come in the way they were designed to since the beginning of time.

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