Why A Medium Might Be The Best Person To Help You Quit Emotional Eating

Written by Bree Melanson

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I'm a spiritual medium. But people don't just talk to me because I can communicate with angels. They come to me to help them get to the root of physical issues that they just can't kick—usually because they're emotionally and spiritually based. Things like weight gain, cravings, fatigue, and even disease can be affected by your spiritual well-being or lack thereof.

Before I lose you, I’m not trying to approach these issues as if I were a typical psychic. I won’t tell you your food allergy is a result of an unresolved past life or a twisted chakra. Instead, I am going to focus on how your cravings or food issues may be attempts to heal wounds from the past.

As much as we’d like to think our sugar addiction is purely physical, and sheer force of will can cure it, that is not usually the case. Cravings are almost always an attempt to resolve an internal imbalance. I know that sounds heavy, but let’s break it down. The subconscious mind accounts for an estimated 95 percent of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. That means that only about 5 percent of the day we are consciously directing our lives. Five percent! That’s why it’s so hard to put down that damn cookie.

Until about age 7, most all of our major subconscious processes are static. It is also during this time that we learn what it takes to be loved and safe in the world. For example, if a parent had a temper, we may have learned how to hide in order to stay safe. With that subconscious belief, the natural inclination will be to shut down or hide in some way. And what better way to shove our emotions into a tiny, tiny hole than by numbing our nervous systems with food?

We can see now how these maladaptive coping mechanisms come into play with food.

Food only becomes an issue when we use it to feed a lack within our emotional selves.

Creativity is divine expression and intervention.

Here are some ways to intuitively connect with your higher self and stop your cravings in their tracks.

1. Consider who you're feeding.

Who are you feeding? Your body or emotions? If we’re reaching for a doughnut to soothe a sugar craving, are we really grasping for a type of reward or an escape route? By taking a moment to consider why we’re having a craving, we can begin to initiate personal and spiritual expansion. What do you really need? What can you do in that moment to nurture or treat yourself instead of catering to the craving?

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2. Feed your soul.

By tending to the relationship within, we diminish the compulsion to reach for an outside stimulant or condition to fill us up or fix something. Feeding your soul could mean going on a walk in nature or just taking time to be alone. It means doing something that makes you intrinsically happy and generates well-being within. You can try meditation, as well. It creates incredible balance and it’s a lot easier than you may think.

3. Consult your body.

Our bodies contain our life force. They're always trying to tell us what we need. We demand so much from our bodies, but how often do we give them what they really need? Instead of trying to plow through the day by throwing back another espresso, can you take a nap? If not, can you take a few minutes to breathe gently, or find a spot in the sun for a vitamin D fix instead?

By becoming quiet and getting back in touch with your body, you realize pretty quickly what it's telling you.

4. Eat consciously.

Our grab-and-go culture is at odds with the natural pace of our body. Try savoring the flavors, chewing more slowly, and staying present while you eat. When we’re checked out, we’re not allowing the body to fully absorb and process the experience of eating.

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5. Inspire your creativity.

Find inspiration with new recipes. Go to a local farmers market or grocery store and choose to create recipes based on the foods to which you're intuitively drawn. By buying locally, we make it more likely that we'll be buying in season. Creativity is divine expression and intervention. It opens you up, lifts your spirits, and connects you with your highest self.

Diets are the same as overeating, in a way. Working out hard so you can overindulge has the same implications. None of these really promotes balance. By connecting with your intuition and inner self, you’re able to naturally understand exactly what physical and emotional balance mean for you.

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