12 Things You Need To Know Today (May 6)

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1. Whole Foods makes several efforts to play up its more affordable side.

The organic grocery chain will continue to try to ditch the "Whole Paycheck" label after examining its second-quarter sales. Expect national promotions, a loyalty program, and more chat about its new 365 stores. Sometimes you just can't compete with the Trader Joe's snack selection, though. (Eater)

2. Giving your kid a “two-minute warning” for TV time doesn't work.

New research shows that when parents gave their children a warning that screentime was about to end, the kids actually ended up more upset than if the TV was simply turned off right away. (NY Times)

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3. Want a plastic bag in New York City? It'll cost you a nickel.

The New York City Council just passed a bill that taxes plastic bags in order to encourage consumers to bring their own reusable bags to stores. (NY Times)

4. Obama met the little girl from Flint, Mich., and it melted our hearts.

After receiving an invite from 8-year-old activist Mari Copeny, President Obama visited Flint, Mich., to discuss the water crisis in the area. Watch the video to see her adorable response to meeting Obama. (The Slot)

5. Half of the people you consider to be your friend don't actually feel the same way.

"It turns out that we're very bad at judging who our friends are,” says a researcher from a new study. "And our difficulty determining the reciprocity of friendship significantly limits our ability to engage in cooperative arrangements. We learned that we can't rely on our instincts or intuition. There must be an objective way to measure these relationships and quantify their impact." (ScienceDaily)

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6. France will stop producing foie gras for three months.

Amid concerns about bird flu contamination, farmers in France will not be allowed to keep ducks or geese in slaughterhouses until August. (The Independent)

7. Gloria Steinem is heading up a new TV series on human rights and violence against women.

The series, called Woman, will delve into topics like child marriage and sexual attacks in the U.S. Military. It will appear on Viceland. (NY Times)

8. California just raised its smoking age.

In a stand against big tobacco, Gov. Jerry Brown just signed on to a bill that says you must be 21 to purchase cigarettes in the Sunshine State. (LA Times)

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9. The New York Times is starting its own food delivery service.

Starting this summer, the newspaper will partner with meal delivery service Chef'd and begin selling ingredients from its NYT Cooking website. The move is a way for the paper to leverage its brand, content, and journalists into another revenue stream, as the future of newspapers remains uncertain. The fresh ingredients will coordinate with featured recipes on the site and can be delivered to your home on a one-off or subscription basis. (Bloomberg)

10. Hormones in breast milk can contribute to babies' gut health.

A new study finds that hormones found in breast milk influence the development of good bacteria in babies' guts and possibly help protect them from inflammation, obesity, and other diseases. (ScienceDaily)

11. Strength training may help you live longer.

In a new study, people age 65 and older who lifted weights or did push-ups at least twice a week lowered their odds of dying by almost half during a 15-year study. (HealthDay)

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12. Tom Brady has his own cookbook—and it's $200.

The NFL quarterback's plant-centric diet was well-documented a few months back, but now the official recipes are available to anyone who can afford the TB12 Nutrition Manual. So far, the book contains 89 recipes, but it's designed to be added to (like an expensive Trapper Keeper), so new ones can be included as they're released. (Sporting News)

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