An Open Letter To Amazing Moms Everywhere

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Dear mothers, rocks of your families:

We know you want nothing more than what is best for your loved ones. You sacrifice your own needs to support your family, and don't even think about taking a moment's rest until everyone else's needs have been met. What you may forget sometimes is that your family wants what’s best for you, too. You are always asking what you can to do to help, how to make things easier for the family. Well, for today, the best thing you can do is to stop asking and just allow yourself to be. Instead of focusing on everyone else, take one day out of 365 to celebrate your glorious, gorgeous, and amazing self.

You have a universe orbiting around you, and you do an amazing job. You nourish the family body, mind, and soul, sacrificing your own needs so often. We see how hard you work behind the scenes, never asking for recognition. Today, we are honoring you. Take today to extend the same kindness you give to everyone else to yourself.

Some affirmations for you on this special day:

1. You deserve the same love and care you've given your family every single day.

2. What makes you so beautiful is not that you have it all together. No one does. It's your willingness to admit you don’t have everything figured out all the time. You are human.

3. Your dreams matter just as much as everyone else's.

4. You are not just a mom. You are yourself. You are so much more.

5. You have your sh*t much more together than you think.

6. Recognizing your own limits and asking for help when you need it is not weakness. It is strength.

7. You are enough as you are.

8. You are loved.

Thank you, moms, for all that you do. You have one of the toughest jobs in the world, and we love you for your commitment to being the best moms you can be. Happy Mother's Day.

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