The Surprising Change That Unlocked My Creative Potential

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Biet Simkin’s mindful, meditation-based approach to life has transformed hers in incredibly inspirational ways. To get more of Biet’s insights on how meditation can level up you life, explore her course: Mindfulness 101: How To Use Meditation To Nourish Creativity, Deepen Relationships & Achieve Lasting Success.

As an artist, I always thought it was sexy to self-destruct. Artists in history have often chosen this route because there is a price for creation. That price is suffering. I have learned through experience, however, that transmuting this suffering takes effort. There’s not a quick fix for the pain of feeling deeply.

Our plight as humans is to go against great internal resistance to achieve anything of value. It’s often easier to gain the temporary rewards that come from drugs and alcohol than to choose the route of consistent effort and delayed gratification that characterize a meaningful life.

Now, that is not to say that you can’t live this lifestyle and still drink in moderation. In certain doses and circumstances, alcohol use doesn’t need to become detrimental. But the journey to presence and authenticity is not lubricated by gin and tonic. For a long time, I had no idea what it meant to be truly authentic without my liquid courage.

When I got sober seven years ago, I was forced to look for authenticity and courage in a sober state, and it was incredibly challenging. Like a baby taking its first steps, I stumbled, and I fell. But the joy of creating from this place greatly surpassed any difficulties I may have endured.

For me, the key to finding my true self and expressing it with love and security, without the aid of alcohol or drugs, is meditation. There is no greater elixir for the human experience. Meditation becomes the lubricant that eases us into and out of reality. It slows down time and allows us to savor every moment.

Meditation is a buffer between reality and our reaction to reality. When I meditate (and I meditate all the time), I am calm. I am in a state of excitement for the moment. I do not react abruptly to anything.

It’s important, when beginning the practice of meditation, to find a teacher. How can you learn anything well, unless it's handed down to you from someone who knows? However, it is just as important to simply sit in silence for any given period of time. This itself will be meditative.

You don't need to be an artist to overflow with creativity. All humans want happiness, joy, success, completion, and connection! When we pursue a life that’s intentional rather than habitual, we awaken to the true significance of life. Are you comfortable? Challenge that. Try something new. It’ll change the way you approach your whole life.

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