Meditation Helped Broken Leg Heal in Half the Time

After falling nearly 30 feet and suffering a compound fracture (the bone breaks through your skin), Dr. Danny Penman had to endure three major surgeries, 18 months of serious rehabilitation, coupled with powerful painkillers -- none of which made much of a difference -- until meditation.

I think many of us were excited to see the latest study which suggested that meditation was stronger than morphine but Danny's personal story takes it to another level. He writes about his amazing meditation-based recovery in the Daily Mail:
I began each day with a ten-minute breathing meditation to calm the mind. At bedtime, I would meditate for 30 minutes while visualising a warm, white, healing light sweeping up and down my leg.

This simple meditation programme worked to an astonishing degree. My pain gradually subsided and I slashed my intake of painkillers by two-thirds. I also developed a more contented outlook, seeing my injuries as temporary problems that would gradually subside rather than as limb-threatening ones that might confine me to a wheelchair..... I’m convinced, why I recovered in double-quick time: the leg frame was removed after just 17 weeks rather than the normal six to 18 months.
Danny was so inspired by the results that he just wrote a book called, Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World.

Namaste to that!

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