My Yoga Practice Playlist: Dechen Thurman

Inspired by Sharon Gannon's "Essence of Jivamukti" at the Yoga Journal Conference, I offered this class the concept of Bhakta / Baccae which, to a yogi, means "One who participates in spiritual beauty." The goal of the class was to celebrate the body by listening to poetry within the rhythms of musical Vinyasa (moving with breath).

Sunday May 15th, 2011, 4pm

Jivamukti Open Class Playlist

Class Intro

1. No Depression ~ Uncle Tupelo (iTunes)

2. Whiskey Bottle ~ Uncle Tupelo (iTunes)

3. Life Worth Livin' ~ Uncle Tupelo (iTunes)


4. Love and Hard Times ~ Paul Simon (iTunes)

5. Love Is Eternal Sacred Light ~ Paul Simon (iTunes)

6. Amulet ~ Paul Simon (iTunes)

7. Questions for the Angels ~ Paul Simon (iTunes)

8. Spell ~ Patti Smith (iTunes)

9. When Doves Cry ~ Patti Smith (iTunes)

10. Gandhi ~ Patti Smith (iTunes)

11. Asatoma ~ Petros & Friends (

12. You've Got a Friend ~ Carole King (iTunes)

13. Head Down ~ Soundgarden (iTunes)

14. Beneath a Phrygian Sky ~ Loreena McKennit (iTunes)

15. Dreams of India ~ Dr. Mark Schillinger (iTunes)

Exit Music

16. Let the Children Play ~ Santana (iTunes)

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