16 Things You Need To Know Today (March 31)

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1. A Trader Joe's employee shares behind-the-scenes secrets.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, all the intel is good. Employees are paid well, they get to try all the new food, and you can return pretty much anything for a full refund. (PopSugar)

2. Sitting increases the risk of dying early.

A new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine suggests that too much sitting contributed to some 433,000 deaths a year between 2002 and 2011. The researchers found that the link between sitting and mortality persists even after accounting for exercise. What can you do about it? "Stand up, and go have a drink of water instead of keeping the water bottle at your desk. Or just stand up every so often. Standing alone increases your energy expenditure," said the lead author of the study. (NY Times)

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3. Gluten-Free Forever (GFF) magazine is going national.

Indie San Francisco–based print publication GFF will now be distributed by the Meredith Corporation. The magazine will be available to the rest of the country starting with its April issue, proving that gluten-free living is here to stay. (SF Chronicle)

4. Women with endometriosis may have a higher risk of heart disease.

New research draws a link between endometriosis—a painful chronic condition in which tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the uterus—and heart disease. In the study, women age 40 or younger with the condition were three times more likely to develop a heart attack or chest pain or need treatment for blocked arteries. (Science Daily)

5. Want to be happier? Make greener choices.

A new study found that 70 percent of people in the U.S. and Canada reported feeling happier when making eco-minded choices like recycling and biking to work. Looks like it's easy being green, after all. (Tetra Pak)

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6. One Chicago TV reporter put a body-shaming Internet troll in their place.

Marcella Raymond, the 50-year-old WGN reporter (of 18 years) received a letter from a troll pointing out "with great respect" the fact that Raymond has "gained too much weight" and that her appearance interferes with her job. She then responded to this attack on-air, saying, "Our main job is not to wear a swimsuit or to look like a beauty queen.” (The Cut)

7. Caffeine and multivitamins could affect miscarriage risk.

Researchers in a new study took a look at how caffeine intake (both mom's and dad's) and multivitamin use might affect a pregnancy. They found that women who took a multivitamin daily had a 55 percent lower risk of pregnancy loss than those who didn't take any. On the other hand, the analysis showed that drinking more than two cups of caffeinated beverages a day may increase the risk of miscarriage. (TIME)

8. BPA is still in 60 percent of cans in the U.S.

Studies have shown that the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), which is found in plastic, can cause hormone disruption. This is particularly bad for kids and pregnant women, and despite the efforts of advocacy groups, many cans in supermarkets today still contain the chemical. (TIME)

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9. Burner phones are now for dating, not drug deals.

An app called Burner has turned the antiquated notion of having a business phone, a home phone, and a cellphone into a business model. The company describes itself as "your 'other' number—a smart privacy layer for the smartphone era, giving users the power to take control of their communications and personal data. You can connect apps to your Burner and keep it separate from your "real life"—whatever that means. (Business Insider)

10. Melissa McCarthy gave a kick-ass response to a reporter asking if she'd lost weight.

"I have, but I'll be back again. I'll be up, I'll be down, probably for the rest of my life. The thing is, if that is the most interesting thing about me, I need to go have a lavender farm in Minnesota and give this up." (People)

11. This may just be the easiest way to get a happiness boost.

Hearing a recording of yourself sounding happy is now a scientifically proven way to feel happier. So bust out those old family videos today and get listening. (Science of Us)

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12. Google reveals how it gets remote locations on its "street view" maps.

The company has been sending people to capture footage of isolated locations for the past two years. One man walked 50,000 kilometers (310,685 miles) with a camera strapped to his back to capture Thailand's varied landscapes—now there's a job we wouldn't mind having. (Mashable)

13. Whoopi Goldberg wants to make periods suck a little less.

The actress will launch a company that relieves period pain using edibles, topical creams, and bath soaks—all of which will contain active ingredients in marijuana. (Business Insider)

14. Meet the 11-year-old girl who just scored a multimillion-dollar deal with Whole Foods.

Whole Foods will soon start selling Mikaila Ulmer's natural lemonade, Bee Sweet, which she adapted from her grandma's recipe. (Mic)

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15. There's yet another reason to rethink carbs.

A new study found that drinking carbohydrate-heavy shakes can have negative effects on heart function. (Science Newsline)

16. Uncertainty stresses us out even more than actual pain.

A recent study found that people who knew they had a small chance of getting an electrical shock were significantly more stressed about it than those participants who knew they would definitely receive one. (Science Daily)

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