A 3-Minute Meditation For Inner (And World) Peace

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In 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono initiated an action for peace by lying in bed for exactly one week, March 25 to 31. Most of us don't have the luxury of being able to stay in bed for seven days, but here's a simple daily meditation dedicated to the same goal: a more peaceful world. You can listen to it lying in bed or lying on the Earth, walking through nature, floating in water, or doing whatever calls your heart to action. It's three minutes long and will help bring joy to you and the entire world.

Honoring Peace Week (as we're calling it) means contributing to the ever-growing wave of collective peace consciousness. Since 11 is the number of manifestation, I recommend dedicating 11 minutes each day during Peace Week to meditating. Committing to a personal meditation practice can transform our inner world as well as the world around us. When we have a clear picture of what the result of meditating can be, we are setting an intention; the more we project, the more we can see clear results. But just do what you can! If you can only do one minute for one of the days, or 11 minutes every one of the days, you're making a difference! After all, the real peace within the world begins within you. The more we allow peace into our hearts, the more we can radiate it throughout the world.

Please share your experience and answers with the world using the hashtags #peaceweek #peacemovement #dreampeace #bepeace and #sharepeace.

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