How To Use Touch Remedies To Detox & Relieve Stress

Written by Michelle Ebbin

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Spring is officially here. And for me that means it’s time to come out of hibernation, connect with others, and shed any heaviness in my body, mind, and spirit.

This season of rejuvenation and transformation is the perfect time to create change in your life and experiment with new ways to optimize your happiness and well-being.

As a touch-therapy expert, I know that one of the easiest, quickest, and most effective ways to transform yourself physically and emotionally is through touch.

Touch itself is not only a valuable stress-relieving tool for people of all ages, it’s a vital element of our physical and emotional health. Studies show that people who don’t get enough touch tend to be less happy, lonelier, have less social support and lower relationship satisfaction, as well as suffer from a host of other problems, including anxiety, mood disorders, and depression.

People who don’t get enough touch (and that’s a lot of us!) also miss out on the benefits of oxytocin, the "feel-good" hormone released in your body when you touch or are touched. Oxytocin lowers levels of cortisol, reduces stress and pain, and makes people feel secure and trusting toward one another.

And since stress and weight issues go hand in hand, the stress-relieving benefits of touch therapy can help you let go of any excess weight and get you on the right track for better health.

In my new book, The Touch Remedy: Hands-On Solutions to De-Stress Your Life, I’ve included several touch remedies to help you detox and manage your weight.

This spring, to help detox your body, mind, and spirit, I recommend these acupressure and reflexology touch remedies to help regulate metabolism, control appetite, and manage weight issues:

An acupressure remedy for springtime wellness

Acupressure, part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is based on the concept that our body has life energy, called “chi,” which flows throughout the body. By pressing on specific acupressure points you can elicit a response from the nervous system that can improve blood flow, enhance the flow of energy, release tension, promote deep relaxation, and unblock any congestion of life energy within the body.

For this remedy, apply pressure for 30 seconds with your thumb or index and middle fingers to the following points. Then make small circles in one direction and then the other for another minute or two. Do this several times each day for best results.

1. “Sea of Energy” point

Located three finger-widths below your belly button. This powerful point enhances the function of the digestive system, reduces constipation, and energizes your metabolism. This point is considered effective for weight loss.

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2. “Abdominal sorrow” points

Located above the stomach and just below the last rib of your rib cage. If you were to follow a vertical line down each nipple, these two points are about half an inch toward the midline of the body. Stimulating these points is considered helpful for controlling your appetite, reducing indigestion, and relieving ulcers.

3. “Appetite control" points

Located just in front of your ear. To find it, place your middle and index fingers against your jaw, right in front of your ears, on either side of your face, and open and close your mouth. The points are exactly where there is the most movement. This pressure point helps to control appetite.

A reflexology remedy for springtime wellness

Reflexology is a healing technique that's based on the theory that every single part of your body is connected, through nerve pathways, to your hands, feet, and ears. By pressing on specific points, called reflexes, you can clear energy pathways that have been blocked, improve the flow of energy in your body, relieve stress, reduce pain, increase your energy, boost your immune system, increase blood circulation, promote healing, and improve your overall well-being.

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1. Thyroid reflex area

This area is located on the soles of both feet about 1 inch from the inside of the inner edge of the foot, and about 1 inch below the crease between your big toe and second toe. Press here and make small circles for 15 seconds. Stimulate this area to boost your metabolism.

2. Pineal reflex area

This reflex area is located at the base of the big toe on both feet, toward the inner edge. Make small circles here for 15 seconds; release and repeat. Stimulate this area to suppress an overactive appetite.

3. Kidney, liver, colon, and small intestine reflex areas

These reflex areas are located on the soles of both feet, in the middle of the foot. The best way to reach all of these areas is to roll your feet over a tennis ball several times. It’s best to do this barefoot, so there is some traction. Stand up so that you can apply pressure as you roll the ball. This helps with detoxification and elimination.

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