Priciest Yoga Art in World: Kate Moss by Marc Quinn

I love the concept of 'Art for Good.' Two of my favorite artists in the category are Peter Tunney, and my friend CAM (I love his Ganesh series). There's also famed British artist, Marc Quinn, who has been cranking out sculptures of Kate Moss doing precarious yoga poses since 2006 (though Quinn uses another model to do the poses. Not sure Kate is there in her practice yet :).

It might be a stretch to say that Quinn's art falls into the 'Art for Good' category because it involves Kate Moss, and his work is extremely expensive, but since it involves yoga, we'll give it a pass.

One of Quinn's sculptures, a ten-foot tall, white-painted bronze sculpture of Moss (pictured, right) just sold for $1.2 million according to Elle UK. And you thought Lululelmon was expensive?!

Below are some of Marc Quinn's other sculptures of Kate Moss getting her yoga on. I tend to think that pop-culture shedding light on yoga, it's a good thing.

What do you think? Do you have any favorite yoga or 'Art for Good' artists?

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