16 Things You Need To Know Today (March 17)

Written by Allie White

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1. Michelle Obama commissioned a song for charity, and it's really good.

Called "This Is for My Girls," the track features Kelly Clarkson, Chloe x Halle, Missy Elliott, Jadagrace, Lea Michele, Janelle Monáe, Kelly Rowland, and Zendaya and is meant to raise awareness for education inequality. (Billboard)

2. Get on the edible utensil trend ASAP.

They're called Bakeys; they're made of millet, rice, and wheat flours; they come in three flavors (plain, sweet, spicy); and you can eat them when you're done with your meal. (Gizmodo)

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3. Exercise may soon come in prescription form.

Health professionals may start prescribing exercise to treat chronic health conditions, a course of treatment that's been mostly overlooked until recently. (Science Daily)

4. You can blame your bad decisions on anxiety.

Scientists have found that anxiety affects the prefrontal cortex, which is critical for flexible decision making. Yet another reason to take up meditation or yoga. (Science Daily)

5. There's an obesity epidemic among Buddhist monks in Thailand.

According to a new study, nearly half of the monks are obese and dealing with high blood pressure and other health issues. (The Telegraph)

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6. More kids are doing yoga than ever before, and it might be beneficial for their psychological health.

Based on a review of yoga interventions to help kids with anxiety, yoga could be an effective method for reducing stress and anxiety issues. (U.S. News & World Report)

7. Canned tuna and other seafood may not be safe for pregnant women.

The EWG's new analysis says that following the FDA's guidelines for eating fish while pregnant may still expose women to unsafe levels of mercury. For example, canned light tuna is too high in mercury, despite the FDA deeming it lower in mercury, and the risks outweigh any benefits. (TIME)

8. The Honey Nut Cheerio box will temporarily nix its mascot.

In order to draw attention to the massive decline in North American bee populations, Canadian Honey Nut Cheerio boxes will soon be missing its signature bee. (Mental Floss)

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9. Renewable power is helping in the fight against climate change.

Global greenhouse gas emissions have remained steady for the second year in a row, thanks in large part to renewables and a reduced use of coal in the U.S. and China. (The Guardian)

10. New doctors' guidelines aim to reduce painkiller addiction.

The CDC published new standards for prescribing painkillers, in an effort to curb the growing crisis of opioid addiction. (NY Times)

11. To prevent eating disorders, schools are preaching mindfulness at lunchtime.

Schools in the new Mindful Schools program are teaching children mindfulness techniques to help them be more in tune with hunger and satiety signals. (Washington Post)

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12. The anti-packaging movement is a thing, and we kind of love it.

Precycling, or eliminating trash before its created, is the concept behind a new category of food stores that don't use any packaging. Are you prepared to BYO bags, containers, wrappers, boxes, etc., to help the environment? (NY Times)

13. Meat can now be made without killing animals.

Science proved to be amazing once again when a company called Memphis Meats announced its first lab-grown meatball. The new scientifically created meat may seem weird, but it could actually prove to be way better on the environment and, well, animals. (Pop Sugar)

14. Former NFL player suggests that a vegan diet could help athletes live longer.

David Carter went vegan two years ago and discovered significant relief from football-related chronic inflammation, nerve damage, and muscle fatigue. He's now urging others to do the same for their long-term health. (FoxSports)

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15. A California brewery is now making beer from recycled bathwater.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company in San Francisco has started brewing beers with recycled gray water—water that's been used in sinks and showers, then treated, just like NASA water recycling technology. (The Guardian)

16. Global energy emissions stall for second year in a row.

Raising climate hopes, the International Energy Agency said that global greenhouse gas emissions resisted a rise for a second straight year, a sign that climate policies are working. (Climate Home)

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