Millennials Would Rather Exercise Than Drink, Study Says

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To everyone who thinks we're a generation of ne'er-do-well party animals: Surprise! We drink less than you do.

Sure, we drink nearly half of all wine in the US, but apparently, that's about all we're drinking. We're over kamikaze shots and Long Island Ice Teas and sake bombs. We're grown-ups now.

A UK study found that less than half of youths aged 16 to 24 report drinking in the last week—compared to 66 percent of those aged 45 to 64.

But why? Well, some theorize that it's because of debilitating debt or because we're a bunch of scared goody two-shoes (possibly as a result of helicopter parenting?), reports The Guardian. But another report suggests millennials are drinking less because ... wait for it ... they're actually concerned about their health.

But that shouldn't really come as a big surprise. Millennials don't really go to McDonald's anymore. We like to see the word "organic" on our food, even if we don't know what it means. We idolize Instagram fitness stars. We have more yoga pants than jeans. Instead of going to a bar for a birthday, we get invited to Soul Cycle classes.

More millennial-dissection, from The Guardian:

And even when we do decide to dabble in the drink, we insist on its healthiest form: wine. Perhaps an oaky, full-bodied red filled with tannins. Because science says it's good for us—and our bodies are temples.

(h/t The Guardian via New York Magazine)

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