Gwyneth Paltrow's Natural, Vegan Skin Care Line Launches Today

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If we were given permission to raid one celebrity's bathroom cabinets, the choice would be easy: Gwyneth Paltrow.

Between her radiant skin, deep knowledge of all things wellness (thanks, goop!), and years of having cosmetics smeared all over her face — the woman has to know what works.

Which is why it makes total sense that she's entered the skin care game with today's launch of goop by Juice Beauty.

Featuring six organically formulated products that will help you "experience the goop glow," the line includes a face oil, exfoliant, cleanser, day moisturizer, night cream, and eye cream.

Mindfully designed and formulated, the products are packed with good-for-you ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba esters, cocoa butter, plant stem cells, and aloe (among many others); are nontoxic; and are up to 99 percent organic.

According to an interview with Vogue, the line took a year to develop because Paltrow was adamant about not being done with a product until it was natural and effective, something she felt the market was lacking.

We can't guarantee these products are going to launch a thousand flawless Gwyneth-like complexions, but just think about how nice the minimalistic, chemical-free, black-and-white packaging will look in your bathroom cabinet — and consider your face goop-ified.

Scroll down for a peek at the products:

Luminous Melting Cleanser, goop by Juice Beauty, $90

Exfoliating Instant Facial, goop by Juice Beauty, $125

Enriching Face Oil, goop by Juice Beauty, $110

Replenishing Night Cream, goop by Juice Beauty, $140

Perfecting Eye Cream, goop by Juice Beauty, $90

Revitalizing Day Moisturizer, goop by Juice Beauty, $100

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