Shannon Elizabeth: Meditation Leads to Inner Peace

Do you remember actress Shannon Elizabeth from the film American Pie? Shannon credits meditation with helping her find inner peace after her 10-year marriage came to an end.

Shannon tells WENN:

"I meditate. I've been working on myself a lot since my divorce, during the last four or five years. I've really been doing a lot of inner self-inspection and learning about energies and vibrations. I've become really spiritual. It's not religious, it's different. I'd much rather be working in my office until one in the morning than going out to a club or drinking or anything. I've always felt like maybe I'm just weird but it's always kind of been me...

"You kind of just start discovering who you are and what's important to you and what's important in life and in the overall scheme of things. I think I'm just in a different phase in my life."
Go Shannon!

Photo credit: Shutterstock
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