The Mindset-Shifting Hack That Gets You What You Really Want

Written by Lamisha Serf-Walls

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Mindset is everything. You’ve heard that a thousand times and probably even tried some pretty compelling mindset practices in order to shift your thoughts and hopefully manifest your desires — right?

I’ve done it all. I’ve tried everything from writing affirmations 100 times a night and creating vision boards to posting notes all over my house to remind me of how I want to think and feel.

While some of the practices worked for a while, they felt too cumbersome and repetitive to keep up with. That is, until about eight months ago, when I found the most powerful mindset hack I’ve ever tried.

After a particularly difficult few months in my business, I had begun to struggle to believe things could get better, or were getting better. I remember getting excited about each new potential opportunity coming my way. At some point, I actually realized things were changing. I had been minimizing and rationalizing my successes — making them feel like accidents.

Instead of allowing new opportunities and abundance to feel like inevitabilities to me, I felt like it was a mistake or simply a stroke of good luck that was sure to run out. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, I felt anxious about manifesting the very things I’d wished for. That’s when I discovered the only mindset practice I’d ever really needed.

A New Normal

Instead of allowing my current life (which wasn’t exactly what I desired) to be normal to me, I constructed the ideal version internally. My mind brought into being this idealized “new normal,” which consisted of a constant stream of dreamy clients and exciting new opportunities with ample time for rest and rejuvenation.

I even took it a step further and created a fun alias for my future self in order to tap into her beliefs about life and business, so I could begin to embody them too.

I asked myself what she would have to think, feel, and believe in order to live the incredibly abundant and creative life she had, and then began implementing those beliefs into my everyday life.

I wasn’t simply acting “as if” my new normal was real; I was living it in every action, choice, and response in my life. From that point on my entire life and business changed.

Not only am I now living my new normal on a daily basis, but my overall mindset is set to expect, enjoy, and embrace more ease and flow every day. And the best part is that I don’t have to write a million affirmations or cover my walls with Post-its to create my new reality. Neither do you.

You'll achieve this same powerful mindset shift with three simple steps:

1. Create your new normal.

Take some time to figure out what you truly want. Maybe your new normal includes having a surplus of $10k in the bank or waking up for your 5 a.m. workout feeling energized and ready to go. Imagine what it might feel like to have that be a normal, natural part of your life. Invite that feeling into your awareness and be open to experiencing it every single day.

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2. Identify your future beliefs.

Think about the future version of yourself who is already living your new normal. What do you have to think and believe about yourself, your desires, and the world in order to achieve the things you desire?

What are your future beliefs and how can you embody them today? What choices and actions does your future self take? If it helps, you might even create a fun alias for your future self to help you really tap into the beliefs you must embody in order to manifest the life you desire.

3. Actively live “as if” every day.

Creating your vision for the future isn’t enough. You must actively embody your new beliefs from where you are today. The truth is that your current reality doesn’t matter as much as what you think, feel, and believe right now.

Actively living “as if” means making decisions based on your new normal right now. That includes everything from the food you choose at the grocery store to the decisions you make in emotional conflict and the responses you choose in moments of adversity. The sooner you embrace and begin to actively embody the beliefs of your future self, the sooner your new normal will become your current reality.

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