Why Clean Eating Wasn't For Me

mbg Contributor By Jennifer Hand
mbg Contributor
Jenn Hand is a food coach, blogger, speaker, and retreat leader at Jenn Hand, LLC, helping clients overcome their struggles around food. She has a bachelor's in communications, advertising, and public relations from Penn State University, and currently lives in the Greater Denver area.
Why Clean Eating Wasn't For Me

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Clean eating is all the rage these days. Wherever you look, there’s someone raving about the benefits of their 30-day clean-eating challenge, showcasing amazing before-and-after pictures, and swearing to eat this way forever.

Which is great if it works for the person doing it. But there’s a huge part of the population that battles dieting, food, and weight (including me, I’ve been on more than 116 diets).

So for them (and me!), clean eating can be a slippery slope down into the abyss of rigid, restrictive, dieting habits, and back into food obsession. The problem with clean eating is that it implies all foods are either “clean” or “dirty.” If you’re not eating fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, then the foods you’re ingesting are “dirty.”

The clean-eating trend, that’s meant to be healthy and helpful, is creating a generation of eaters that stray further from listening to their bodies and deeper into obsessing over every morsel that goes into their mouths.

And for anyone who's struggled with dieting or weight for a lifetime, this can be dangerous. We don’t want to live beating ourselves up for not adhering to another way of eating. We want to strive for a holistic, inclusive, healthy relationship with ourselves, instead of swearing to eat clean and masking it as another diet. So the next time you’re tempted to eat clean for 30 days, here’s what to focus on instead:

1. Have “sometimes” foods.

Instead of mandating that everything not “clean” be off-limits, have sometimes foods. Yes, cakes, cookies, and candies aren’t everyday foods. But they can be eaten sometimes.

When you make foods forbidden, it can create the opposite outcome that you intended. You may end up wanting everything that you’ve deemed off-limits, because you’re human! You crave things every now and then. And once something is forbidden, it makes it that much more tempting.

A better way to look at it is having “sometimes” foods. Are brownies healthy? Not really. But eat them every once in a while and you’ll be okay. Should you eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast every morning? Probably not, but every once in a while is okay.

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2. Focus on nourishment.

Yes, a fresh salad with seasonal greens, organic grilled chicken, and sautéed asparagus might be super healthy, but what if you're craving something else? Remember that nourishment is not just physical. Our bodies are not machines where it’s just calories in, calories out. Nourishment is multifaceted and includes the mental and emotional part of yourself as well.

Sometimes, nourishment calls for comfort foods, and other times it calls for lighter fare. Be mindful of what your body actually wants and allow yourself to be deeply nourished.

3. Don’t let society’s fads influence you.

The diet and weight-loss industries go through cycles. Remember when Atkins was all the rage? And people swore off any type of carb because it was considered bad? A few years after that trend, studies came out that claimed we needed carbs. And so people started eating carbs again.

Be careful what information you listen to, and remember that you are your own greatest asset. We are all born with innate body wisdom. Keep learning how to get back in touch with your own intuition and you’ll be able to tune out the voices of society that tell you what to eat.

Yes, it’s important to fuel your body in a healthy way, but that can look very different depending on your own body’s needs.

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