A Full-Body Workout You Can Do With Your Partner

Written by Monica Nelson

Photo by Monica Nelson

Step up your workout routine with this fun and efficient full-body workout. Research shows that couples are likely to stick with their fitness programs when they work out together, but you can also do this routine with a friend. Grab any partner you’d like, fit in a killer workout, and have fun at the same time.

These seven movements hit the whole body. You'll need one medicine ball and two resistance bands. Do each movement for one minute and repeat the circuit three to five times. Watch the video for a demonstration, and read below for full descriptions of the exercises.

1. Squat-to-Ball Toss

This movement is great as a warm-up and takes some real focus. Both you and your partner will squat at the same time. One will toss a medicine ball while the other will catch it. It is a “squat toss, squat catch” pattern. The key is to have a soft and consistent toss so your partner can easily catch the ball each time. You'll get your heart rate up in no time.

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2. Plank High-Fives

Facing each other, hold a plank position. Now tap opposite hands like you are giving each other a high-five. Make sure you do not shift your hips, and also keep your shoulders down. This is a great core and arm exercise.

3. Squat to Rows With Bands

Take two resistance bands with a resistance that is ideal for both you and your partner. Walk out so there is no slack. Facing each other, you and your partner will squat down at the same time. When you come up from the squat, add the row. Keep your shoulders down, chest open, and core tight when rowing.

4. Side-Arm Forearm Plank Touch

This is a really fun core and upper-body move that involves core and shoulder work. Both you and your partner will be side to side in a close forearm plank. Rotate one arm up and your partner will meet you with the other. Match forearms (almost a 90-degree angle) and then rotate to the other side. Now your backs will touch. Do one side for 30 seconds and then rotate the other way with your body to hit the other side. If you have any shoulder issues, be mindful. You can also just hold a forearm plank if this is too hard.

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5. Back-to-Back Squat With Ball Rotation

You and your partner will have your backs against each other. From there you will drop into a squat and hold this position. Next, rotate a medicine ball (or a dumbbell can work) around your torso. Do 30 seconds in one direction and 30 seconds on the other. This is great for the lower body and also the core targeting the obliques.

6. Push-Up Challenge With Partner

Challenge each other to do one minute of push-ups each.

7. Ab Crunches

Finish the circuit with a great core crunch. Take the medicine ball overhead. Now crunch up as you softly toss the medicine ball to your partner. Now you both do the crunch back down and when you come up your partner will be tossing the ball your way so be ready.

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