How I Meditate: Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen Shares

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Rachel Brathen is an Instagram celebrity, and her fans (1.8 million, to be exact) know her better as Yoga Girl. What makes Rachel so different from other Insta-yogis is her ability to be positive — no matter what she’s dealing with. She finds the “Zen” in everyday life, thanks to her regular meditation practice. Here’s a glimpse into her practice.

Where do you meditate?

I’m spoiled, I live in Aruba. I meditate on a huge rock at the end of our backyard that is surrounded by cacti. All I can see when I’m sitting on it is the dessert and sky.

When do you meditate?

Typically, first thing in the morning before I start my yoga practice. I usually bring a cup of tea or water with lemon out to the rock.

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What type of meditation do you practice?

Breath-oriented meditation. I’ve tried every kind, but this type of mindful meditation works best for me. I love being able to drop into the moment and using my breath as an anchor.


When I'm practicing in the house I use props. I’ll use a towel, yoga block, or mat to bring my hips a bit higher than my knees.

Why do you meditate?

It allows me to create space in the madness of the day. It’s been life-changing — it helps me de-stress and react to situations more mindfully. I get agitated if I start to lose my practice!

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Advice for first-timers?

I actually started my meditation practice before I started doing yoga. I didn’t start by sitting quietly. I started with Osho meditation, which is a form of dynamic meditation that uses the whole body, since sitting in one spot for a period of time can seem daunting.

I also recommend using a meditation app. I like Peace Alarm that will ring a bell about halfway through the meditation and at the end.

Start with five minutes a day!

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