Health Benefits of Sex

Is sex the new vitamin D or kale? It just might be, according to today's Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ reports that some studies suggest sex "is as good for your health as vitamin D and broccoli."

Here are some of sex's health benefits according to the WSJ:

Stress relief: The rush of hormones boosts mood, fosters feelings of closeness and helps manage stress for days.Weight: Sex burns about five calories per minute, meaning it would take roughly 12 hours to lose a pound.Better Sleep: After exertion, oxytocin and prolactin bring on satiation and sleep—especially in men.Longevity: More sex means longer lives for men; women live longer when they are sexually satisfied.Heart health: Sex raises heart rates about as much as climbing two flights of stairs.

It seems to me like these health benefits are similar to yoga's health benefits? So is sex + yoga the secret to optimal health?

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