How A Holistic Nutritionist Keeps Her Skin Vibrant & Healthy

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Since you are what you eat, the food you nourish yourself with is just as — if not more — important than the products you layer on your skin. For a healthy dose of inner and outer beauty, we asked holistic nutritionist Kristin Dahl to share her routine for keeping her skin glowing, happy, and healthy.

Vibrant beauty is a reflection of inner health and wellness. When our body is in alignment, with plenty of water, supportive health practices, exercise, and lots of self-love and compassion, we radiate from the inside out.

As a holistic nutritionist, my approach to beauty honors mind, body, and spirit. All of these components play a huge role in looking my best every day and creating that outer glow. I nourish my body with the highest quality foods and pure nutrients and move energy through my body daily with active movement like hiking and yoga.

I nourish my mind by nurturing the deeper layers of myself, honoring my demons, and connecting to my truth. I nourish my spirit by spending time in nature and finding ways to express myself creatively. I also surround myself with beautiful things, Zen environments and supportive relationships.

Check out my daily routine for creating inner and outer harmony.

7 a.m.: Wake Up + Shower

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I drink two 8-ounce glasses of water upon rising. I start my day off hydrated to support digestion, keep my skin glowing, and lubricate every cell in my body.

Around 7:30, I shower and anoint my body with Jiva Apoha oils (my favorite is the Atman), then sip green tea, matcha (both loaded with antioxidants), or Holy basil tea if I need a caffeine break and want to support my adrenals and regulate my blood sugar.

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8 a.m.: Morning Routine

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Most days, I drink a superfood smoothie with Sun Potion’s Chlorella because it's full of alkalinity and oxygen.

Then I wash and moisturize my face with Nucifera's The Balm, my go-to all-in-one. Next, I massage my face with Kari Gran’s Essential Serum and spritz with a few pumps of Rosewater + Glycerin spray from Heritage Store.

I apply Suntegrity’s "5 in 1" Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen daily and then RMS "un" cover-up if needed.

By 8:30, I’m headed out on a long hike or to a yoga class with plenty of water in tow. My afternoons and evenings are generally filled with work and clients, so I always exercise in the morning.

Exercise oxygenates the body and alkalizes the system. It also boosts feel-good hormones like serotonin and keeps me looking and feeling my best all day long!

12 p.m.: Lunch

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I eat a balanced and beautiful lunch. (You are what you eat, right?)

On days when I’m super busy with work and clients, I plan ahead and make lunch in the morning or the night before. Generally, this consists of a superfood salad loaded with veggies, sprouts, greens, ferments, nuts and seeds, and sometimes animal protein or hard-boiled eggs. During colder months, I add in a soup or broth.

I always make sure to get plenty of protein throughout the day, drink tons of water, and keep a handful of almonds with me at all times. This keeps my blood sugar stable and metabolism high, which creates that inner harmony I mentioned before.

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3 p.m.: Daily Tonic

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Lately I’ve been into more earthy, warming tonics with cocoa, medicinal mushrooms, and a bit of homemade almond milk, but this Rose Tonic from Free + Native is also a huge part of my routine, especially when my body wants something light, gentle, and beautifying.

7 p.m.: Dinner

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Around 6 or 7 p.m., I cook a balanced dinner of protein, lots of greens, veggies, and a yummy sauce. I’m super into bowls, and the standard Japanese macrobiotic bowl is my ultimate favorite, I’m constantly noshing on variations of this.

After dinner, I relax with my love and we catch up on the day’s affairs. We often stretch together and do some gentle breath work and aromatherapy. Breath = alkalinity = oxygen = beautiful glow!

10 p.m.: Bedtime

This is generally when I start my bedtime routine, which includes my face cleansing ritual from earlier in the day (minus the sunscreen) and sometimes an Epsom salt bath with lavender.

I like to read, write a gratitude list, and for even deeper, restorative sleep, listen to hypnotherapy before bed. Our cells regenerate in the night, so sleep plays a huge role in my beauty routine. I try to clock at least eight hours a night for a full regenerating sleep cycle.

Other things I like to throw into the mix when I have extra time include infrared sauna sessions, time in the steam room, acupuncture, massage, and random dance parties at home!

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