4-Minute Cardio Workout (That Doesn't Involve Running)

Written by Laura McDonald

If you absolutely hate running, you can still get some cardio in with this quick four-minute Tabata workout. A Tabata is 20 seconds of activity followed by 10 second or rest time, performed eight times, for a total of four minutes. Repeat the routine several times for a great workout.

If you want to up the intensity, keep jogging or marching in place during the 10-second rest periods. Always check with your doctor before beginning any new routine, stay hydrated, and most importantly, listen to your body. Here's a video of the moves and short descriptions below.

1. Jumping Jacks

Modify by extending one leg at a time to the side.

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2. Frogs

Open the legs, soften the knees, and bend down, touching the ground or the tops of your toes. “Jump” up like a frog.

Modify: Touch your knees or the ground and reach overhead; keep both feet on the ground instead of jumping.

3. X-Abs

Widen the legs, open the arms, and make an X shape. Place fingertips just behind ears, making sure not to crunch up shoulders. Drive the right elbow toward the left knee, then the left elbow toward the right knee.

Engage the core and make sure not to pull on the neck.

4. Jump Tucks

Open the legs a little wider than hip-width apart and soften knees. Keeping core tight, squat down a bit. and then power up off the ground, slapping the top of your thighs. You can really go for an explosive move here, or modify it by taking a smaller jump.

Repeat the exercises to complete your four-minute cardio Tabata. Take a short break and do the whole routine a few more times for an excellent workout that you can do anywhere.

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