11 Things You Need To Know Today (February 9)

Photo by Beyoncé/YouTube

1. Beyoncé's latest video is, among other things, a celebration of amazing hair.

In "Formation," Beyoncé rocks at least eight styles herself while also showcasing the beauty and variety of natural hair on her daughter, Blue Ivy, dancers, and extras. (SELF)

2. Grass Fed Coffee gets a major Kickstarter bump.

The canned cold drip and butter concoction raised more than 500 percent of their original $15,000 goal. Buttery coffee for all! (Daily Coffee News)

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3. In adorable news, a baby sea lion was found asleep in a booth of a San Diego restaurant.

Unfortunately, tides and weather patterns have forced sea lions to look for food and shelter in unusual places. Sea World rescuers took her to a recovery facility to be treated for malnourishment. (NY Times)

4. President Obama is asking for $1.8 billion to fight the Zika virus.

The president submitted a request to Congress for almost $2 billion in emergency funding to expand research, help counties battling the outbreak, and increase mosquito control programs. (TIME)

5. More people do tai chi than you think.

About 2.3 million Americans practice this form of "moving meditation" that encourages the flow of energy through the body. (LA Times)

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6. A 40-year-old woman ran 68.54 miles, on a treadmill, in 12 hours.

That's an average of a 10.5-minute mile, and she did it to break a Guinness World Record. (Runner's World)

7. Super Bowl ads got a little greener this year.

Thanks to a spot for Toyota's Prius that featured a days-long car chase in which the getaway car (a Prius) never had to stop for gas. (Entertainment Weekly)

8. Two teenage sisters just convinced Bali's government to ban plastic bags.

Talk about girl power. Thanks to Melati and Isabel Wijsen's green campaign, the governor of Bali has agreed to commit to a plastic-free island by 2018. (EcoWatch)

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9. Seattle becomes the sixth U.S. city to sue Monsanto for its use of toxic PCBs.

The company used Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in its products for more than 40 years, even after its officials learned that the chemicals were harmful to human and environmental health. (The Seattle Times)

10. Obama wants to up the funding for green transportation.

His final budget as president proposes spending $300 billion on public transportation. In order to get this money, he plans to tax oil companies for every barrel they produce. (Politico)

11. Fish contaminants are at their lowest in four decades.

Mercury has dropped by about 50 percent and PCBs by about 90 percent. The thing we haven't figured out yet is how to predict contamination patterns. (L.A. Times)

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