5 Simple Self-Care Rituals For Confidence

mbg Contributor By Deborah Hanekamp
mbg Contributor
Deborah Hanekamp is also known as Mama Medicine, as has been called “fashion’s favorite healer” by Vogue Magazine.

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In modern society, we're lead to believe we live in an action- and result-based material world: the more you work, the more you have, the more people you know, the more creditable you are.

With our personal value in the exterior world, is it any wonder we often feel a vague vacancy? That feeling of "lack" is our spirit crying for acknowledgment. Giving attention to our interior, spiritual world through self-care offers holistic acceptance and love to body, mind and spirit.

Time constraints often make self-care practices — a favorite yoga class, meditating, eating healthy, ritual baths — seem slightly ambitious. But that doesn't have to be the case.

Here are five simple self-care practices and rituals I suggest to help build confidence from the inside out.

1. Set boundaries.

Say "yes" when you mean yes, and "no" when you mean no.

We all yearn to be loved, and some believe that if we make others happy, they'll love us in return. But we run our energy well empty by saying yes to people and projects we simply don’t have time for, hoping for approval.

Creating healthy boundaries — saying yes or no to food, people, and projects — can be incredibly empowering. With this simple practice, we free up time to focus on personal, spiritual happiness that then bursts forth and spreads contagiously to those around us.

To jump-start this practice, take a moment to close your eyes, place both hands on your heart and say yes to yourself. Give yourself permission to create healthy boundaries.

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2. Wear rosemary oil on the crown of your head.

Rosemary essential oil carries the vibrational protection of a mother wolf’s loving awareness. There's no greater form of energetic protection in this world than love because love is pure presence. This simple ritual will have you feeling fearless, trusting life and incidentally, with shiny, fragrant hair!

3. Cleanse your aura with a selenite wand and white sage.

When stagnating feelings like exhaustion, anxiousness or stress rise up, it's time to cleanse your aura, the energy field surrounding the body.

Cleaning the aura at the close of each day can be a wonderful practice to ensure sweet dreams. To practice this ritual, run a selenite wand around your body (including the soles of the feet and back of the head), followed by the sacred smoke of white sage. This will take you less than two minutes and you'll feel wonderful after.

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4. Write down your dreams.

No one can tell us where we should go or what we should do because they don’t possess our personal magic. One way we do receive powerful guidance is through our dream world.

When we write down our dreams, we're able to decipher the signs and symbols that appear to us, that hold so much guidance on our path. If it’s difficult to remember dreams or you don't have a lot of time to write, simply jot down key symbols in a notebook you keep near your bed. Trusting our own, inner guidance is key for self-reliance.

5. Know your worth.

Fulfilling other’s projections of who your are, rather than living in your authenticity can lead to undervaluing your true gifts, making it difficult to claim worth. Humble empowerment is available to those brave enough to know their value is in living their truth.

A simple ritual for calling in self-worth is looking at your own eyes in the mirror and affirming to yourself three times, out loud, "I am worthy."

When I suggest my clients try this ritual, I ask them to tell me out loud, “I am worthy.” Often, they're amazed how much resistance comes up for them just by saying these three simple words.

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