Try This 3-Minute Meditation To Chill Out

Written by Paula Watkins, PhD

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I call this the three-minute mind shower. It’s a quick and effective practice for releasing stress, balancing your nervous system, and refreshing your mind that you can use at any time throughout your day. Below I'll walk you through the meditation minute by minute; then set your timer and get started!

1. Minute 1

Bring your awareness into your body and mind. Begin with the breath — tune in and explore the quality of your breath in this moment. Move to your body; notice what sensations are present in this moment. Now ask yourself what is the nature of my emotions and mind in this moment? Welcome all experiences.

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2. Minute 2

Choose one aspect of your experience to anchor your mind and place it center stage in your awareness. You might choose your breath, a feeling, a sensation, or a sound. Let all other distractions come and go in the background. Keep on returning your awareness to your chosen anchor and place it in the foreground of your attention.

3. Minute 3

Now notice the background presence of your awareness. The canvas on which all your other experiences manifest. Rest in this awareness. Experience its oceanic and sky-like spaciousness. Allow it to permeate your being, and then return to your activities.

Practice Tip: Visualizing an hourglass provides the perfect imagery for the flow of this practice from expansive (minute one) to fine-tuned (minute two) to expansive once again (minute three).

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