10 Habits Of People Who Achieve Their Dreams

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Why can some people live lives of inspired action while the rest of us flounder and procrastinate for years? What is it that those who achieve their dreams know that others do not?

These people who turn ambitious dreams into reality tend to leave some clues along the way.

Here's a list of 10 things people who achieve their dreams do differently. You, too, can pick up these habits and choose to wear them as your own.

1. They have a vision.

They know what they want, why they want it, and what it’s going to feel like when they get it. They understand that it's not enough to just know what it is they don't want.

People who achieve their dreams fall in love with their vision — they live it and breathe it years before they ever achieve it. In doing so, they tune in to unseen forces of the Divine, resolve within themselves, new creativity, and confidence.

2. They take care of their dreams as though their lives depend on them.

They know that their happiness depends on achieving what they set out to do, so giving up is not an option. They realize their time on earth is short and that moments spent in front of the TV or on social media are simply distractions.

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3. They understand that their beliefs are not set in stone.

People who achieve their dreams realize they can change their self-image and belief systems whenever they choose. They understand that although we have no choice about the beliefs instilled in us during childhood, at some point we can all choose to adopt beliefs that move us in the direction of our dreams.

4. They’ve discovered their strengths and passions.

People who achieve their dreams know that nothing happens overnight. They're committed to the long haul.

People who achieve their dreams fall in love with their vision.

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5. They take self-care seriously.

People who take inspired action know the right things to eat and drink for their own well-being. They make the time to exercise because they understand the benefits of an active lifestyle. They go to bed and get up at times they’ve seen bring out the best in them mentally, emotionally, and physically.

6. They have a spiritual practice.

They bring their dreams to life by simply focusing on the joy they bring, and they're not concerned with money or fame. They know how to tune in to that “something else” that keeps pulling them forward, particularly on days when the rest of us would give up. They take time each day to give thanks and ask for help with some sort of spiritual practice, whether it be meditation, time out in nature, or a combination of the two.

7. They are playful.

Dream builders bring fun, openness, and a love of life to everything they do. Playfulness is what helps them build confidence and momentum.

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8. They ask the right questions.

This goes for the questions they ask of others but more importantly the ones they ask of themselves. They know the kinds of creative questions to consider in order to escape that feeling of staleness and get back into a flow where magic happens.

9. They’re willing to do what others are not.

There are times when their intuition tells them to do something that makes absolutely no sense on paper or to those around them. They're not afraid to take the path of most resistance and pursue the less comfortable option. It's because of their ability to stand strong even when everyone is calling them crazy that they are able to manifest their dreams.

10. They have a deep faith.

People who make their dreams a reality believe the Universe/Source Energy/God has their back. They understand that serendipity and chance are what happens after they've done the work and lined up all their ducks.

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