Bad News For Seltzer Lovers

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Beware pamplemousse La Croix enthusiasts, an article in the Atlantic explores why that pretty pink can or bottle of Perrier might not be your healthiest option.

You're probably thinking, Seriously? Don't tell me I have to give up the small joy of sparkling water, too.

It turns out that the citric acid in a lot of flavored seltzers can wear down tooth enamel. Unfortunately, unflavored seltzers aren't that great either, as the acid in the carbonation (carbonic acid), while weaker, can also take a toll on your pearly whites.

Here's what Damien Walmsley, a professor of dentistry at the University of Birmingham in England, told the Atlantic:

While flavored sparkling waters are still far better than both sugary and diet sodas, they're not ideal. But you'd have to drink a lot of bubbles for these drinks to make a serious negative impact.

One dentist recommends swishing with regular water after you're done sipping on the fizzy stuff. That we can do.

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