My Yoga Practice Playlist: Jennifer Jarrett

"Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together." ~Anais Nin

For me, music is such an integral part of the yoga experience for exactly the reason that Anais Nin so beautifully affirms. Through the rhythms, sounds, harmonies and vibrations of music we can find ourselves more wholly in our bodies, feeling more connected, more fluid, and more integrated within the entire experience. Plus, it can add a huge element of fun to any class! I love it so much when an awesome song comes on and people start to move their hips a little bit, dancing and pulsating even ever so slightly to the music. This is definitely one of my favorite playlists to raise the vibration and get the hips swaying.

1. Intro ~ The XX (Amazon)

2. Give Me One Reason ~ Tracy Chapman (Amazon)

3. Blackbird Song ~ Duptribe feat. Ben Cocks (Amazon)

4. Hip Hop to Funk (feat. BadKat & Lady Daisey) ~ Ed Royal (Amazon)

5. Emotional Rescue ~ Freedom Dub (Amazon)

6. Calabria 2008 ~ Enur (Amazon)

7. Shiva Moon (Moon Nectar Remix) ~ Prem Joshua & Maneesh de Moor (Amazon)

8. Radha Remix ~ Jai Uttal (Amazon)

9. Hypnotize ~ The Notorious B.I.G. (Amazon)

10. The Hop ~ Radio Citizen (Amazon)

11. Little Ditty ~ Deep Dive Corp (Amazon)

12. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps ~ Lisa Bassenge & The J-Chestra (Amazon)

13. Elephant (Dub Mix) Featuring Lottie Child ~ Spiral System (Amazon)

14. Killing Me Softly With His Song ~ The Fugees (Amazon)

15. Trust in Me ~ Etta James (Amazon)

16. To Hugo ~ Clogs (Amazon)

17. The Fear You Won't Fall ~ Joshua Radin (iTunes)

18. Angel's Prayer ~ Ty Burhoe, Krishna Das, Manorama, John Friend, Amy Ippoliti (Amazon)

19. To Heal ~ Underworld (Amazon)

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