What My Mindfulness Practice Looks Like: Gabrielle Bernstein

Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

Photo by Gabrielle Bernstein

Her fans (and that includes us) call her Gabby, and her ultimate goal is to help you become the happiest person you know. How? By tapping into your spirituality and finding your true purpose, which includes meditating when you can. Here's how she practices every day.

Where do you meditate?

In the morning in my Zen den. But really I meditate everywhere. I meditate whenever I need it. I could be on an airplane, in an Uber, on the subway. Wherever I can shut my eyes and tune in.


Every morning for 30 minutes when I wake up, and 20 minutes in the afternoon. And throughout the day when I need to calm down or refocus.

What type of meditation do you practice?

Transcendental meditation and Kundalini meditation.

Props used?


Why do you meditate?

To be happy, healthy, calm, and connected. I rely on meditation for my serenity.

Advice for first-time meditators?

Try this simple meditation to start: This technique is a fantastic Kundalini meditation that’s fast, easy, and effective. You can also do this meditation anywhere.

Gently press your thumb against your index finger, then your middle finger, then your ring finger, then your pinkie finger.

When you touch your index finger, say: PEACE.

When you touch your middle finger, say: BEGINS.

When you touch your ring finger, say: WITH.

When you touch your pinkie finger, say: ME.

Breathe deeply as you say each word. Go as slow or as fast as you’d like. Use this technique in line at the bank, under the desk in an office meeting or even in the middle of a fight with a partner or friend. This technique will get you through all kinds of crazy emotions and help you release resentment fast.

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