I Tried Taylor Swift's New Workout Routine

mbg Fitness Contributor By Gabrielle Frank
mbg Fitness Contributor
Gabrielle Frank is a freelance health and fitness writer living in New York City.
I Tried Taylor Swift's New Workout Routine

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In case you're not an in-the-know Swiftie, Taylor and BFF Selena Gomez made headlines last week when they tried a new workout together: Body by Simone.

While Simone De La Rue has been a staple in the New York City fitness scene for years, it seems like her studios (in New York City and Los Angeles) are suddenly the hot new spot for celebs. Recently, A-listers such as Chrissy Teigen, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Reese Witherspoon have all been crediting Simone for their strong, toned bodies. So, as the mbg fitness editor and a Taylor Swift fanatic, I had to try the workout asap.

Though Taylor and Selena (yes, we're on a first-name basis) visited the L.A. location in West Hollywood, I ventured to Simone's studio in New York City in West Chelsea. It's a large, bright space (thanks to great lighting) with two big studio rooms with high ceilings. The locker rooms are bigger than what you'd find at a typical Manhattan studio, which is an added perk.

I'll cut to the chase — the class was pretty awesome: I was expecting a light, Pilates-type workout but left a sweaty mess.

The hour-long class went by fast — mostly because of Simone's attitude, teaching style, and fun pop-centric playlist. It was a mash-up of intense leg work (think Tracy Anderson, but without the leg weights) and dance cardio that made me feel like I was a backup dancer on tour with Beyoncé.

The workout was doable, but the dance part was challenging for me since I was never a big dancer (let's face it, neither is Tay). Simone prompts you to let loose and get your arms in on the action (pretending you have a whip or are cheers-ing a friend with a drink). She has fun energy that makes you want to do the work just to make her happy.

Her studio offers four different types of classes: dance cardio, full body, hips/thighs/buns, and trampoline cardio. I couldn't find out which class Taylor took. (The studio is pretty discreet: I asked; they wouldn't tell.) So instead, I asked Simone why celebs (and paparazzi) seem to be flocking to her studio.

"I think it's because we treat them like real people," she said. "We subtly request that they check their ego at the door, and treat them like everyone else."

Though I'd add that everyone is treated really well, Simone and her staff are warm and inviting — and won't laugh at you if you can't keep up with their dance steps (as I couldn't). The instructors are great about coming around and correcting your form without making you feel like a slacker.

"Plus, you see results fast," she added. Bottom line, Taylor Swift is on to something, and I'll be back at Simone's studio soon.

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