11 Badass Surfers Who Will Make You Want To Move To Hawaii

If you're living on the East Coast, you more than likely got pummeled with nasty winter weather this weekend. While we're all recovering, why not take a break and daydream a little? These 11 surfers are living the life in the most beautiful spots, enjoying sunny, hot weather. Who knows? Maybe you could become one of them?

Quincy Davis

Photo: Photo courtesy of @quincydavis

Davis is proof you don’t have to live on the West Coast to surf. She’s from Montauk, New York, and she’s been surfing since she was 7 years old.

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Laird Hamilton

Photo: Photo courtesy of @lairdhamiltonsurf

Hamilton is a big-time innovator when it comes to surfing. He’s responsible for that whole stand-up-paddle-boarding trend as well as tow-in surfing, hydrofoil boarding, and XPT (extreme performance training for all).

Brianna Cope

Photo: Photo courtesy of @briannacope

This Hawaii-based surfer always has a smile on her face. Her mantra? Positive vibes can help you get through anything. She stays fit off the board with high-intensity cardio and an early bedtime (7 p.m.).

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Bethany Hamilton

Photo: Photo courtesy of @bethanyhamilton

A year after losing her left arm in a shark attack, Hamilton won her first national title. Last year, she made headlines for surfing while pregnant, but to her she was simply enjoying an active pregnancy. Her healthy attitude toward life is one we should all embrace.

Tyler Wright

Photo: Photo courtesy of @tylerwright

The Australian surfer qualified for the Women’s World Tour for the first time in 2011 — at age 16. She’s basically surf royalty and one to watch; her older brother is professional surfer Owen Wright.

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Kolohe Andino

Photo: Photo courtesy of @koloheandino22

Surfer magazine named Andino the hottest male surfer for their Hot 100 — and he’s just 20 years old. Check out epic photos and videos of him tackling monster waves.

Bo Stanley

Photo: Photo courtesy of @bostanley

She might not be a professional surfer anymore, but she still looks pretty badass on a surfboard. Stanley is now a model and ambassador for Healthy is the New Skinny, a movement about bringing health to the forefront of the fashion industry, regardless of size.

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Alana Blanchard

Photo: Photo courtesy of @alanarblanchard

A native of Kauai, Blanchard has been surfing since she was 4 years old and started competing at age 9. Her job as a professional surfer is to, essentially, surf the world, and luckily, we all can watch from her Insta account.

Kassia Meador

Photo: Photo courtesy of @kassiasurf

Her nickname is the Queen of Noseriding, which for us non-surfers means maneuvering the surfboard from the front end — it’s one of the more difficult parts of surfing. As if she’s not cool enough already, Meador also has her own wetsuit line and takes stunning photos.

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Alessa Quizon

Photo: Photo courtesy of @alessaquizon

She’s a Billabong-sponsored surfer who spends most of her time in her native state of Hawaii — and her IRL pics look more like postcards.

Stephanie Gilmore

Photo: Photo courtesy of @stephaniegilmore

She’s a six-time world surfing champion from Australia, and her Instagram account is a large dose of fun with a side of surfing. She SUPs with friends, golfs, and partakes in many more athletic adventures.

Cover Photo Credit: Stocksy

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