Year in MindBodyGreen 2009: Predictions for 2010

We decided to close out the year with a brief five question interview among friends, experts, and insiders. We asked the group for their thoughts on five MindBodyGreen-related questions: One Word to Define 2009, Favorite Book of 2009, Celebrity of 2009, Favorite Healthy Food of 2009, and Predictions for 2010. All of the questions will be answered by Thursday, December 31st. Unedited and in no particular order, away we go:

MindBodyGreen: Predictions for 2010?

Kathryn Budig, Yogi: Magic and transformation. Oh yes, and belief in both.

Michael d'Estries, Ecorazzi: Green fashion will continue to grow, vegetarian options in restaurants will expand, and late 2010 will see eco-conscious celebs shifting to new electric cars from Nissan and Chevy.

Gabrielle Bernstein, Author, Add More~ing To Your Life: I think there's going be even more young women choosing the path of mindfulness -- making for a larger collective consciousness.

Leo Babauta, Zen Habits: I don't make predictions, but I think the Copenhagen climate summit and other events are making people more aware that we need to make change, soon. And with many people struggling financially, I hope more people embrace simplicity for its frugality and minimal impact on the earth.

Hillary Biscay, Ironman Champion: Even though people know my GCM (German Cycling Machine), Maik Twelsiek will surprise the triathlon world again; watch out boys!

Brian Johnson, PhilosophersNotes: The accelerated rise of Conscious Capitalism.

Jayme Barrett, Author, Feng Shui Your Life: The color pink. It is the color that opens the heart for love. When you wear it, it makes people more receptive to you and when you use it in your bedroom, it creates a more loving connection. It's also the color for breast-cancer awareness which makes it topical and popular.

Gabby Reece, The HoneyLine: I think we're going to see a lot more community gathering around Farmer's markets.

Yuka Yoneda, Ecouterre: Eco fashion will become increasingly more accessible to the everyday consumer as demand increases. More people will begin to live an inherently eco-conscious life, without necessarily thinking about it, as more institutions and public spaces install tools and incentives (more recycling bins, power-saving electronics, credits for taking public transportation) to support and reward them for doing so.

Tracy Hepler, Your Daily Thread: 2010 will be all about the DIY--canning, crafting, sewing, re-purposing--I think people will embrace learning how to do a lot of things themselves. I also think that we will see a continued trend in giving back/volunteerism!

Sarma Melngailis, One Lucky Duck: More raw food! Raw becoming more mainstream. Raw food on Oprah. Sarma wins the lottery and takes raw food to Tokyo? (Okay, I'm really tired and delirious).

Kathy Freston, Author, Quantum Wellness: Restaurants finally offering more vegan options (and not just pasta!)

Emma Grady, Treehugger: Seasonless clothing that breaks the disposable cycle of seasonal collections.

Michael Feigin, The Fitness Guru: The benefit of the recession is that people are far more likely to walk places and to ride their bicycles. I think that people may become more fit simply due to circumstance.

Tara Stiles, Strala Yoga: Yoga practice shifting from the initiated to everyone else.

Carver Anderson, MindBodyGreen: If my farmers' market is any indication, we will see a continuing shift from store-bought to locally-grown foods.

Tim Glenister, MindBodyGreen: Locavorism gains more momentum.

Jason Wachob, MindBodyGreen: In 2009, many people were forced to reexamine their lives because of economic circumstance. In 2010, we'll start to see many of the seeds that these people planted grow into conscious (and hopefully successful) businesses.

We bid you goodnight. Happy New Year!

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