Year in MindBodyGreen 2009: Celebrity of 2009

We decided to close out the year with a brief five question interview among friends, experts, and insiders. We asked the group for their thoughts on five MindBodyGreen-related questions: One Word to Define 2009, Favorite Book of 2009, Celebrity of 2009, Favorite Healthy Food of 2009, and Predictions for 2010. All of the questions will be answered by Thursday, December 31st. Unedited and in no particular order, away we go:

MindBodyGreen: Who is the celebrity of 2009?

Kathy Freston, Author, Quantum Wellness: Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres; they are all about health, authenticity, talent, and beauty -- inside and out.

Michael d'Estries, Ecorazzi: Heather Mills -- She surprised us this year by working hard to push the vegan lifestyle. A new vegan cafe, new vegan frozen foods line (coming to the U.S.), recycled clothing collection, and charity work stood out. She may not be popular for other reasons, but we applaud her efforts here.

Kathryn Budig, Yogi: Alicia Silverstone. Awesome cookbook with lots of insight.

Jayme Barrett, Author, Feng Shui Your Life: Chef Jamie Oliver. Along with his wonderful recipes in his books and TV shows, he's committed to helping kids eat healthier at school and home.

Brian Johnson, PhilosophersNotes: John Mackey.

Tracy Hepler, Your Daily Thread: Barack Obama--By bringing the U.S. to the table at Copenhagen, the President has shown than America is finally serious about Climate Change.

Gabby Reece, The HoneyLine: Dr. Oz – I like the way he brings eastern and western together, credibility and clarity.

Sarma Melngailis, One Lucky Duck: Rob Trujillo and all the other guys from Metallica...proof that vegan isn't just for wimps. Here's a FYI as to why that was my answer!

Yuka Yoneda, Ecouterre: Alicia Silverstone - It's so inspiring to see this "Clueless" icon clueing people in on how to live a healthier, more eco-conscious life.

Tara Stiles, Strala Yoga: Sting and Trudie Styler: Rock star + healthy living = sustainable inspiration on so many levels.

Leo Babauta, Zen Habits: My sister Kat. I don't actually follow celebrities enough to know who's doing what, so I'm going to pass on naming an actual celebrity. But my sister Kat is one of the fittest people I know, and has recently become a personal trainer and nutritionalist. She's also fairly green, as a pescatarian homeschooling mom who gets her kids to eat healthy and get active and have fun. She's one of my personal heroes.

Emma Grady, Treehugger: Summer Rayne Oakes - As a Planet Green spokesperson, model, activist, and author (she published her first book, 'Style, Naturally' in February), she is a front runner in promoting sustainability.

Michael Feigin, The Fitness Guru: The Lazy Environmentalist (aka Josh Dorfman) and his fantastic show on the Sundance Channel. The flip side are mindless videos featuring celebrities just so they can push a few more copies on the unsuspecting public (see Kim Kardashian and her "exercise" video).

Gabrielle Bernstein, Author, Add More~ing To Your Life: Kris Carr.

Hillary Biscay, Ironman Champion: Oprah. She is my celebrity every year. I love Oprah.

Carver Anderson, MindBodyGreen: Kevin Gillespie -- his successful run on this season's Top Chef proved that a sustainability-conscious chef can compete with the best.

Tim Glenister, MindBodyGreen: Rachel McAdams -- starting green is sexy and getting the word out whenever she could.

Jason Wachob, MindBodyGreen: David Lynch -- With the launch of his foundation aimed to bring Transcendental Meditation to children around the world, he really walks-the-walk. There's no better spokesperson as Lynch's creativity as a filmmaker is second-to-none (which he credits to his 30+ years of meditation).

Next we unveil our group's Favorite Healthy Food of 2009.

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