This Hilarious Video Perfectly Encapsulates Why The Period Stigma Is So Insane

Written by Emi Boscamp

It must be so hard for guys to deal with women on their periods. The mood swings. The buckets of blood. The bloodthirsty demon that lives inside all of us, waiting to bite at any moment. Ugh.

From CollegeHumor comes an informational video that finally shows "all the really true, unexaggerated facts about periods." For all the men wondering why women are the way they are, this video answers all their burning questions, like "Why do women carry such large purses?" (To carry machetes to defend themselves from the snakes and alligators that come up from the sewer, attracted to all the blood, duh.) and "Why do women always go to the bathroom in groups?" (For more protection against those pesky snakes and gators.)

To understand why women menstruate, just consult the demon inside us who feeds on our blood. We must drain ourselves of it every month "so it can’t get too powerful and plunge the world into a terrible hells cape of our own making."

So, yes, the video is absolutely hilarious, but it's also so incredibly sad that so many people in the world think that periods are a gross thing that should never be talked about when it's such a common process and absolutely vital for the continuation of the human race. But, hey, we can laugh about how ridiculous it is that period stigma is still a thing — as long as it gets people talking.

And if you're looking for some serious info on menstruation, let Dr. Vrinda Devani tell you what your cycle says about your health, and men: Nicole Jardim can teach you what you should really know about a woman's period. (You could also, you know, just consult the women in your life.)

Bleed well, everyone!

Screengrab via CollegeHumor

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