The Simple Thing You Can Do On Your Phone To Seriously Reduce Stress & Anxiety

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Everyone knows it's bad for your sanity to bring your work home. We tell ourselves we won't answer any e-mails, but when we see one pop up on our phone, it's more anxiety-inducing not to answer it and allow others to pile up on top of it.

Well, it's never too late for a New Year's resolution. Why not take your work email off your phone entirely?

A new survey performed by the Future Work Centre of London has found, rather unsurprisingly, that people who get their work email on their personal phones are more likely to feel frustrated and anxious.

Surveying just under 2,000 residents of the UK, the Future Work Centre asked questions about "attitudes towards email, daily use of email, aspects of personality, experience of the interface between work and home (sometimes called ‘work-life balance’) and the technology people use to access their email."

They found a "strong relationship" (but nothing to prove causality) between using "push" email notifications and perceived email pressure or pressure to stay connected at all times. And those who felt greater this pressure also felt a greater interference between work and home — and home and work.

Thankfully, the Centre has some suggestions: Try only turning your email application on when you want to use it (definitely not before bed!), or turn off push notifications for your email app so that every single email doesn't light up your screen and demand your attention. You could also — *gasp!* — delete the app from your phone entirely.

Or, you could see how it feels tonight and complete day 5 of our New Year, Do You challenge: Do a text detox when you get home and don't check your phone for the entire night. How 'bout it?

(h/t The Guardian)

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