Meditation Makes You Better Decision-Maker

A new study suggests that meditators make more rational, less emotional decisions. The study was based on the classic 'Ultimatum Game', in which a friend or relative wins a large sum of money, and offers to give the test subject a relatively small amount -- does this person accept the money or reject it?

USA Today reports that through multiple tests over thirty years, even though it's a windfall, only 25 percent of people actually accept the money... but not meditators.

People who practice Buddhist meditation behaved differently. Researchers found in their test that more than 50% of Buddhist meditators took the rational offer of free money, rather than rejecting it because it felt unfair.The researcher involved 40 control subjects and 26 expert meditators. These were not Buddhist monks or nuns but simply people who practiced frequent Buddhist meditation "while maintaining a secular life incorporating a career, family, and friends." according to the paper.

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