9 Things You Need To Know Today (December 30)

1. Why is it hard to poop on vacation?

Hint: It has to do with your microbiome. Research suggests that a combination of eating different foods, sitting for long periods of time, and change in environment contribute to a change in gut bacteria and ultimately constipation while traveling. (The Atlantic)

2. You can watch LeBron James work out — and feel like you're there with him.

Oculus released a 360-degree video of James going through his day-to-day routine. It's called "Striving for Greatness." (Facebook)

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3. People like healthy food more when they cook it themselves.

Cooking really is the key to good health. A recent study suggests that people actually enjoyed healthier food more when they prepared it themselves. Another reason to get in the kitchen! (Time)

4. Everyone got a Fitbit for Christmas.

The free FitBit app was number one in the app store on Christmas morning, driving the stock up 5 percent in premarket trading earlier this week. (Tech Crunch)

5. On your way to a workout? Grab a coffee.

A new study finds that coffee may have a positive impact on athletic endurance. (Eater)

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6. Sharing a bed with your pet just got a lot easier.

Thanks to Brazilian company Colchão Inteligente Postural, there's now a mattress on the market that features a mini-bed for your pet within the human mattress. (Bored Panda)

7. Turns out endorphins aren't the only reason you get a runner's high.

The feeling is also caused by lower levels of leptin, a fat hormone, which could mean people with lower levels of the hormone could be genetically inclined to exercise more. (Gizmodo)

8. Lung nodules could be a predictor of lung cancer.

A study presented at RSNA 2015 suggests that the presence of ground glass nodules suggests a higher risk of lung cancer in both men and women, but women are 50 percent more likely to have these nodules than men. (Cancer Therapy Advisor)

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9. This photo series documents the abysmal conditions faced by the world's 400 million people lacking basic health care.

The Waiting for Health Project sent 12 photographers to as many countries “to break through the noise and put humanity back at the center of the conversation.” See the full photo series and learn more about the project here. (Refinery29)

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