16 Tips To Make 2016 Your Most Spiritual Year Yet

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With resolution season in full swing, we called on spiritual guru Emma Mildon for a few fun, approachable tips on how to add some serious zen to the year ahead.

Get ready to dust off your chakras, dig those old yoga pants out of the back of your drawers, and uncover those expired health products from your pantry because this year is going to be a year of soul. Hold on to your crystals and chia seeds and let me take you through the top 16 things you need to know to live a more soulful, satisfying, and spiritual 2016:

1. Tie up loose ends.

Numerology phases are made up of nine years in each cycle. Each year from one to nine has a unique meaning — be it family, career, or finances. The numerology number for 2016 is 2+0+1+6 = 9. A "9 year" is all about completion. There are nine years in the numerological cycle, so consider this the last year of a chapter before you head into a new phase of your life. Focus on tying up loose ends and making 2016 a year of finishing the old so you are locked and loaded for what's next.

Focus on tying up loose ends and making 2016 a year of finishing the old.

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2. Start new rituals for self-development.

Kick-start your year with direction, drive, and a clear desire map. List some books you want to read this year, sign up for a course, join a network of like-minded souls, or make a "ditch your comfort zone jar" loaded with things you want to tick off in 2016. When you need a push, pull out a note from the jar and get to it!

3. Take chances and make things happen.

This is the Year of the Monkey in Chinese Astrology. The Monkey energy will bestow your year with luck, opportunity, and action. It'll give you some added energy to achieve more than you have in other years, so get set to make stuff happen in 2016.

4. Commit to a yoga practice.

From Vinyasa to Bikram to Ashtanga, there are many different types of yoga from which to choose. Write down a list of yoga styles you would like to try out, and give a new one a go every month this year.

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5. Consider a detox.

A cleanse rids your life of clutter and toxins — it could take on any form, from a physical health detox to a spring cleaning of your home, or even a mental cleanup of your thoughts and emotional baggage. This new year, renew your body from the inside out by taking on a natural detox. Make water, green tea, lots of green vegetables, exercise, exfoliation, and juices your best friends.

6. Harness the positive vibes in your home.

Bring some good chi into your year by learning how to optimize positive energy and flow in your home. Focus your feng shui on love, success, family, relaxation, or abundance to ensure your residence is a sanctuary that supports all you wish to attract in 2016.

7. Meditate every day.

This year, try to make mental breaks part of your daily routine. Repeat after me: I promise to sit and meditate every day for a window of time, no matter how short. Get a meditation calendar and cross off the days as you go to help you stay on track.

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8. Eat your superfoods!

Start by clearing your pantry of refined sugar and artificial junk. Then hit your kitchen with a wellness injection — throw in some chia, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds; dates; nuts; coconut sugar; cocoa; maca; and açai. You’ll be feeling energized off of superfood bliss balls and green smoothies in no time.

Those who don’t seek in 2016 won’t find in 2016.

9. Use morning mantras to start your days off on the right foot.

If the meditative state of think nothing, do nothing just doesn’t resonate with you, a mantra could be just what you need to focus your mind. Sit up in bed every morning and take a few minutes to repeat a morning mantra to yourself. I like to repeat, “I am grateful for the day ahead of me, the people who will surround me, and the lessons I will learn.”

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10. Create a vision board.

For all you visual dreamers out there, a vision board might be the key to manifesting your soul’s deepest desires. Whether you prefer a virtual board à la Pinterest or a physical board loaded with clippings and cutouts, a vision board is a must for any 2016 soul seeker.

11. Clear off your crystals.

I know what you're thinking, but crystals don't have to be woo-woo. If used correctly, they can help you achieve energy, focus, or even love — think of them as a potential source for your super powers in 2016! Different crystals have different meanings and offer different vibrations. Rose quartz will heal your heart, jade will help with balance and clarity of thought, and clear quartz will help clear you of negative vibes.

12. Start using aromatherapy.

For those of you driven by your senses, follow your soul’s nose and add a few drops of essential oil and aromatherapy to your 2016. Incorporate oils into your evening bath, add them to your shower gel, put a few drops in your moisturizer, or dab them on your pillow before you turn in for the night. Like crystals, different oils have different healing properties, so investigate which scents appeal to you.

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13. Consult your spirit guides.

Find guidance for the year ahead by consulting with a psychic or getting a tarot reading. Decide which style of spiritual reading resonates with you and Google some local readers or ask your friends for referrals. A reading will connect you with your guides and give you a preview of what lies ahead.

Affirmations create a strong mindset to help you conquer any day, any week, any year.

14. Smudge your 2016.

Cleanse your soul by addressing your energy centers (aka your chakras). Some natural ways to do so include taking a swim in the ocean or dipping into an Epsom salt bath — saltwater tends to help balance out energy fields.

15. Harness the power of affirmations.

Affirmations create a strong mindset to help you conquer any day, any week, any year. Make yourself an affirmation calendar with 365 affirmations — one for each day of 2016. Here's one to get you started: 2016 is my year…

16. Take the time to soul-search.

Leave space for exploration, self-discovery, and self-development this year. Peace out, comfort zone. Go somewhere new, meet someone new, try something new. After all, those who don’t seek in 2016 won’t find in 2016. Enjoy the year ahead, soul searcher!

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Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon, also known as the spiritual personal assistant, is an international columnist, No. 1...
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Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon, also known as the spiritual personal assistant, is an...
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