The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F*ck

Here at mindbodygreen, we're big fans of Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. So when a book with a similar look and title landed on our desk called The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck, we were intrigued. The book is funny, practical — and of course — totally not endorsed by Marie Kondo. Here's an excerpt.

Sit down. Relax.

I want you to take a minute and do a free-form visualization of all the things that you currently feel pressured — by friends, family, society, or even your own twisted sense of obligation — to give a fuck about.

These could include, but are not limited to: matching your belt to your handbag, LinkedIn, eating local, hot yoga, paleo diets, the Harry Potter books, Kombucha, “trending,” voting in the primaries, podcasts, ponchos-as-fashion, the Ballet, Bret Easton Ellis, hashtags, fair-trade coffee, the Cloud, other people’s children, sanctimonious Christians, understanding China’s economy, #catsofinstagram, The Voice, your father’s new wife, and/or Burning Man.

Felling a tad ill, are you? Jittery, nauseous, anxious? Pissed off?

Good, then it’s working.

Now visualize how happy and carefree you would be if you stopped giving all those fucks.

Hot yoga? Don’t give a downward fuck!

The Cloud? Fucks not found.

And #catsofinstagram? Sorry, you’re all outta fucks, meow.

Doesn’t that feel so much better? I’m telling you, the moment you decide to stop giving a fuck is the moment you start living your best life.

With that in mind, let’s move on to Step 1 in the NotSorry Method: Deciding not to give a fuck.

Excerpted from The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F*ck Copyright © 2016 by Sarah Knight and published by Little, Brown and Company. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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