Which Airlines Served The Healthiest (And Least Healthy) Food In 2015?

Public health advocate Dr. Charles Platkin (PhD, MPH) reviewed the food served in economy class on 12 U.S. and Canadian airlines and gave each airline a "Health Score" between one and five. Criteria included cooperation in providing nutritional information, plus average calories of snack boxes, meals, and individual snacks.

Leading the pack with 4.5 stars is Virgin America. They don't put nutritional information on their food, but considering the average calorie content for a meal is a modest 408, they probably should. Platkin's top menu picks include Udi’s Granola with Yogurt and Fruit, Grilled Chicken Soba Noodles, and the Vegan Wrap with veggies and hummus.

Bringing up the rear are Alaska, Spirit, and Frontier Airlines (Frontier with an abysmal 1-point rating). According to Platkin, the PR team at Frontier refused, two years in a row, to provide any nutritional information whatsoever for their food, which is limited to a range of individual snacks.

In Platkin's words, "Bring your own food. There is nothing healthy here; however, if you’re not sodium sensitive you can grab the jerky." The snacks include Almond M&Ms, Twizzlers, Traditional Chex Mix, Rice Krispies, and Pringles — and only on flights over 200 miles.

For the full rundown on all twelve airline ratings, head to Dr. Platkin's website.

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