The Mindset Shift That Can Make Every Moment Miraculous

Written by Chandresh Bhardwaj

The word “miracle” has the ability to make your heart skip a beat. As humans, we all hope to have a miracle-filled life, right? Look at Hollywood: Movie studios have made a fortune selling us miraculous stories that we watch on the big screen with ... maybe not belief but hope in our eyes.

I’ll admit that I’ve often prayed for miracles in my life. However, as I peeled off layers of conditioning on my spiritual journey, I started to wonder, “What is a miracle?” It’s very important to understand the true meaning of a miracle before wishing for one.

Last night at Subway, I bought an extra sandwich to give to a homeless man sitting outside.

“This is a miracle, sir!!” he said as he accepted the sandwich.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

If we witness something good that we don’t understand, we call it a miracle.

At this point, he had already started eating. With his mouth full of warm bread, he said, “I was hoping to get a sandwich today! But after 10 p.m., I had lost the hope.”

One simple sandwich was this man’s miracle.

When I was in India, I showed my new iPhone to my grandma. My grandma never went to school and has lived a very simple life. After I showed her how I can unlock my phone with my thumbprint, she responded, “Wow! That’s a miracle!”

As for myself? During my spiritual healer training with my gurus, I remember saying, “That’s a miracle!” every time I witnessed someone getting healed.

The bottom line is, if we witness something good that we don’t understand, we call it a miracle. What you think is a miracle may be completely natural to someone else. Once you realize this, you see that every moment can become miraculous.

The fact that you’re sitting here right now, reading my post, is a miracle. Think about people who have lost a loved one. Realize that you are here, breathing and alive. Isn’t that a miracle?

Your act of forgiveness may just be the "miracle" someone else needs.

As you become more in touch with your pure consciousness, miracles become tougher to find yet impossible to ignore. Divinity has blessed us with a lot more than we actually put to use.

In my new book, Break the Norms, I write a bit about miracles:

“The secret to recognizing the miracles in our lives involves paying more attention. When we focus on the ways we’re blessed, we tune into the miracle channel. Suddenly, we will see miracles everywhere. When we understand that what we call miracles are not mystic moments but results of a certain process, the magic of life becomes normal. Miracles begin to seem more possible.

Once we understand, we stop getting distracted by the “miracles” performed by self-proclaimed gurus. Those acts distract us from the real deal — the work of being a good person.

People were so impressed with Jesus walking on water, they forgot about all the other, less obvious demonstrations of healing and forgiveness. So, too, Indians talk about Krishna’s mystical powers instead of trying to emulate his acts of love and kindness.

We should either look at everything or nothing as a miracle. Then we can ignore the magical temptations and focus on the real work of self-realization.

After all, your act of kindness, your great invention, or your act of forgiveness may just be the "miracle" someone else needs.

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