I'm A Professional Makeup Artist Who Uses Green Products. Here's Why

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in health and well-being, so it was only a matter of time until this interest spilled over to natural beauty products.

At first, I just dabbled in them for personal use, but as a professional makeup artist, they eventually found their way into my kit. As I started to use them more and more, impressed with what I could achieve, my appreciation for natural beauty products began to grow. But with it, so did my doubts about the conventional beauty industry, in which I was seeing an increasingly darker side.

Surrounded by makeup every day, I began to question the tools of my trade. From unsavory ingredients to a careless environmental impact, I realized the key elements of so many products I regularly used were actually terrible for me, my clients, and the world.

So I decided to make my kit as clean and green as it could be.

This task proved to be easier said than done. At the beginning, it was incredibly hard. I remember having just one little bag with natural products that came on a lot of jobs with me but didn't get much use. Either the textures weren’t quite right or the colors weren’t suitable — it was limiting what I could do or felt comfortable doing with it.

But the problem is that once you start to learn what’s in some of the more conventional products, there is no going back. A flick of liner or concealing a spot might seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, but when you’re doing it every day for years, it can become a problem.

Think of all the other things we douse ourselves with on a daily basis: shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizer, etc. That's a pretty big chemical cocktail we apply to our bodies every morning. We don't have much control over what we're exposed to once we leave the house, but we can control what we choose to expose our bodies to inside our homes.

So with my ever-growing knowledge, I kept my faith in the green makeup and gradually my little bag got bigger. Eventually, the natural and organic products were right there alongside the "regular" ones, and then, they were overtaking them.

On sets and at various jobs, my kit became a talking point. People were interested in what I was doing and impressed with the products, asking questions about how they could make changes to their own routines, letting me educate them on why conventional products and ingredients were so harmful, taking advice on natural alternatives to the things they'd been using for years.

Today, my kit isn't completely switched over, but the balance has tipped dramatically. I’m not sure when it will be complete, or if it will be — unfortunately it’s the harsher chemicals that give makeup certain properties like neon colors and waterproofing, for example — but I'm working toward greening what I can.

As a professional makeup artist, I need to deliver professional service and there just aren't green alternatives that can do everything I need. But for these products, I try my best to find brands that are ethical in all other departments: no animal testing, a conscious environmental footprint, etc.

I know it's not easy to give up every one of your conventional cosmetic and self-care products for an all-natural alternative. You've accumulated your supply over years and years of trial and error, figuring out what you think works for your skin and body and have probably spent a lot of money in the process.

But trust me when I say the benefits of opting for natural alternatives are well-worth it. From endocrine disrupters to parabens, formaldehyde to fragrance, the stuff you'll find in most conventional cosmetics is nasty, and their effects ... scary.

I’m doing everything I can to green my kit, and slowly but surely, it's getting there. It’s a really exciting time for organic beauty and I’m glad to be a part of it! You should join the movement too!

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