Ashlee Simpson Relists House with Meditation Garden

Ashlee Simpson's house is for sale, which of course, isn't really MBG-newsworthy, but the fact that the home has a meditation garden is.

Ashlee has lowered the asking price on her 7,100 square foot Beverly Hills home, from $4 million to $3.69 million. (She bought the home in 2007 for $4.5 million so even Ashlee Simpson isn't immune to the real estate downturn).

Back to the meditation garden.... You can obviously meditate anywhere, but having a nice place that's strictly for meditation, is certainly a nice perk, don't you think?

I think Chip Conley said it best in our interview with him about his own private meditation space:
"I've created a meditation altar in my entry hallway next to the pond, waterfall and Buddha statue. It's a really amazing space to meditate in, but meditation can happen anywhere: on an airplane, in line at the bank, etc..."
Ashlee's meditation garden (pictured, right) lead us to another question: If YOU had the space or the money to have your own private meditation garden or meditation room, would you have one?

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