13 Things You Need To Know Today (December 23)

1. Tina Fey is done apologizing.

In an interview with Net-A-Porter magazine, the comedian said, "My new goal is not to explain jokes ... There's a real culture of demanding apologies, and I'm opting out of that." (Net-A-Porter)

2. New York is about to get a new vegan pizza joint.

Vegan chef Matthew Kenney just announced his plans for 00 + Co., a new plant-based pizza restaurant that will open in New York City next year. Bring on the nut cheese! (VegNews)

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3. Steph Curry is endorsing water.

Unlike many professional sports stars who back soda and other less-healthy food and beverages, Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry just signed a three-year endorsement deal with Brita, a water filtration company. (Ad Age)

4. Holiday travel is going to the dogs...

... in a good way! United Airlines is bringing 200 therapy dogs to seven major airports this holiday season in hopes of calming anxious and annoyed travelers during layovers and delays. (CNN)

5. Here are the 10 best food cities in the U.S.

The top three are all West Coast cities, citing great farmers markets along with good coffee, bread, and wine. Where does your city rank? (Washington Post)

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6. Science says here's how to take a more memorable photo.

MIT has developed an algorithm that can actually predict how memorable or forgettable an image will be. (mbg)

7. Yoga: It's good for the bones.

At least according to a recent 10-year study that followed 227 people (mostly women) who practiced 12 yoga poses on a regular basis. They noticed improved bone density in the spine and femur in participants who got their "om" on. (New York Times)

8. Could vitamin D help treat IBS?

A new study found that 82 percent of participants with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) were deficient in vitamin D. Although more studies need to be done, the researchers suggest that supplementing with the vitamin could help improve symptoms. (Science Daily)

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9. Gum disease has been linked to breast cancer.

A new study found that women with gum disease had a 14 percent higher risk of breast cancer. Although the researchers aren't yet sure why there's a correlation, it may be because gum disease indicates general inflammation in the body. (Reuters)

9. For the first time in 43 years, Baghdad held a Miss Iraq pageant.

Despite death threats, 10 women competed for the title. (CNN)

10. Plus-size model Tess Holliday speaks out against Victoria's Secret.

She says the lingerie company is reinforcing negative body standards and "perpetuating the image of what's wrong with America and with society in general." (Yahoo Style)

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11. These are the meatballs of the future.

A "future-living lab" just released sketches of what they believe will be the meatballs of the future — meatless alternatives made from crispy bugs, food waste, and algae. (City Lab)

12. When you brain's internal clock starts to fade, a second set of genes acts as a backup timekeeper.

A new study has shown that as "core clock genes" degenerate with age, a different set starts to regulate sleeping and waking patterns. If these findings hold, it could suggest that the strengthening of these genes contributes to neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases that tend to show up later in life. (NPR)

13. This chef is leaving the "best restaurant in the world" to work in a school cafeteria.

Daniel Giusti, the head chef of acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant NoMa, is headed to the states to join forces with a start-up that works to improve school lunches. (Grub Street)

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