Cate Blanchett Says Her Sexuality Is No One's Business

In Cate Blanchett's new movie "Carol," she has a sexual encounter with Rooney Mara, and earlier this year, she was quoted in Variety as saying she had had relationships with women ''many times," though they never specified whether they were sexual in nature or not.

Naturally, instead of focusing on her work, the media put her sexuality at the center of intense speculation. Is she bisexual? Is she gay? What does her husband think?

The one question they didn't ask was the most important one: What on Earth does it matter?

Now, the 46-year-old mother of three has expressed her frustration with this incessant line of questioning to Australia's ABC 7.30: "It really is of no relevance what my sexual persuasion is," calling all the hooplah "really silly."

She added that some interviewers have even gone so far as to assume she couldn't play a homosexual character if she herself was straight.

''What's been interesting about talking about the film to the media is that people are still interested whether can you play a gay character without being gay?" she explained. "It still somehow has to be one's sexuality if it's seen to be outside the mainstream, which same-sex relationships still are seen to be, I think.

''You still have to answer to that. But yet I think the power when people actually see the film and forget all of that stuff is that falling in love is falling in love.''

During the interview, Blanchett was also asked her opinion on same-sex marriage.

"The interesting thing for me about the debate about same sex marriage, quite aside from the film of 'Carol,' is that it's one of those issues where it has no impact on anyone apart from the people that it impacts upon," she said. "So I find it quite bewildering that it's so complicated for people."

Boom. Perfectly put. Now, let's never speculate on anyone's sexuality ever again. Not our business. Great — thanks!

(ABC 7.30)

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