What I Tell My Clients Who Want To Eat For Toned Abs

Written by Ella Magers
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In a nutshell, my Six Weeks to Sexy Abs diet consists of nutrient-dense, calorie-light whole plant foods. Let’s take a look at the basic principles of the plan:

Here's what we WILL do as part of the diet:

  • Increase the amount of nutrient-dense foods we consume
  • Eliminate refined sugars from our diet
  • Decrease the amount of processed foods we eat
  • Eliminate animal products and by-products from our diet
  • Eliminate dietary cholesterol and trans fat from our diet
  • Decrease the amount of saturated fat we consume
  • Decrease the amount of processed grains in our diet
  • Listen to our bodies and use simple techniques to control portion size
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Here is what we WILL NOT do as part of the diet:

  • Calorie count
  • Replace animal products with empty-calorie foods
  • Replace animal products with highly processed foods
  • Feel hungry all the time
  • Overeat high-calorie plant foods.
  • Beat ourselves up if we “mess up”

Understanding why eating for sexy abs works is a must for you to make the commitment and stick to it. The basic principles are surprisingly simple!

This plan works because it's:

1. Comprised of nutrient-dense plant foods

Why does having a diet filled with nutrient-dense plant foods make such a difference? Eating foods that have a high nutrient content per calorie makes it possible for you to give your body what it needs in the most efficient way possible. Think of it as getting more bang for your caloric buck!

Your body needs good calories, filled with essential nutrients to thrive. When you start to give your body these essentials, your body will say, “I’m finally getting everything I need! Now I can let go of the extra body fat I was clinging to.”

That’s precisely when your body transformation will begin.

2. Low in simple carbohydrates

This diet is void of processed sugars and relatively low in grains. The grains that are included are nutritious whole grains that provide you with needed energy.

Although fruits are sometimes considered simple carbohydrates, when eaten whole or blended, the fiber in the fruit allows you to utilize the sugars in a healthy way.

They are extremely nutrient-dense and provide you with helpful energy that your body will crave during the day, especially when you are training hard throughout the week!

3. Calorie light

As I mentioned before, we will not be counting calories. Why is that? With this plan, there’s no need! By following the basic guidelines, this diet is lower in calories than the standard American diet by default. Significantly lower! The calories you do consume are quality calories.

We are simply cutting out empty and harmful calories, filling our bodies with more nutritious calories, and voilà, our body fat drops!

4. Devoid of chemicals, additives, and preservatives

The chemicals and preservatives found in the majority of products on the grocery shelves today have harmful effects, both short and long term. Artificial sweeteners confuse your body, causing sugar cravings that can really throw you off your healthy track.

They can also affect brain chemistry and cause the release of insulin into the blood stream. For many people, artificial ingredients can also create digestive problems. Additionally, artificial sweeteners over time may slow our metabolism. Not worth it!

Chemicals, additives, and preservatives are simply no good and don’t have any business being in our bodies, so we stay away from them as a rule.

5. Satisfying

The food on the menu is flavorful with a variety of textures that can help satisfy cravings. The meals are also high in fiber, which helps you feel full but doesn't sit “heavy” in your stomach, a feeling many people experience with meals high in meat and animal by-products.

Don’t worry, the meal plan goes way beyond “rabbit food”!

See a sample recipe here.

6. Effective at increasing your metabolism

Starting the day with a nutrient-packed breakfast kick-starts your metabolism. Many people skip breakfast, which has a detrimental effect on your metabolism for the rest of the day. Your body goes into “starvation mode” and does its best to preserve fat ... the very thing you don’t want!

This plan is structured to support an increase in your metabolic rate so that you are burning more calories more consistently, causing your extra body fat to drop.

7. Simple, convenient, and customizable

Most people are in need of a plan that fits their busy lifestyle. Not many of us have time to spend hours in the kitchen these days (nor do many of us want to!).

Following the simple guidelines and using the sample six-week meal plan to steer you down the right path, you will come out on top!

Adapted from an excerpt of my cookbook, The Six Weeks to Sexy Abs Meal Plan, available now.

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