Year in MindBodyGreen 2009: One Word to Define 2009

We decided to close out the year with a brief five question interview among friends, experts, and insiders. We asked the group for their thoughts on five MindBodyGreen-related questions: One Word to Define 2009, Favorite Book of 2009, Celebrity of 2009, Favorite Healthy Food of 2009, and Predictions for 2010. All of the questions will be answered by Thursday, December 31st. Unedited and in no particular order, away we go:

MindBodyGreen: In one word, how would you define 2009?

Kathy Freston, Author, Quantum Wellness: Transitional

Leo Babauta, Zen Habits: Hopeful. On an international level, the U.S. and much of the world became hopeful once Obama took office -- but we're going to need to see results. On a personal level, many people I know have made strides to improve their lives, including myself, and we're hopeful that things will continue to get better.

Tara Stiles, Strala Yoga: Conscious-living

Brian Johnson, PhilosophersNotes: (For my year in Bali:) Ahhhhhh...

Michael Feigin, The Fitness Guru: Core-rrifying: the two phrases I would like to see disappear in 2010: "core strength" and "Asian Fusion cuisine". You wouldn't visit a trainer who kept referring to your arms as your "guns". Why only one syllable for your entire torso. It's like fingernails on a blackboard.

Kathryn Budig, Yogi: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Emma Grady, Treehugger: "New Vintage" - We saw a boom in vintage shopping this year and fashion designers took it a step further with their use of deadstock, recycled, vintage, and remnant fabrics--like with Yves Saint Laurent's collection by the same name.

Gabby Reece, The HoneyLine: Friendastic

Tracy Hepler, Your Daily Thread: Victory gardens (sorry, it can't be one word)

Sarma Melngailis, One Lucky Duck: Rough! Scary? Bumpy! (Looking forward to 2010).

Michael d'Estries, Ecorazzi: Meatless

Yuka Yoneda, Ecouterre: Greendirtying: the act of making an eco-conscious product desirable not by playing up its green feature but by associating it with great design, fashion, celebrities and other popular topics. The opposite of greenwashing.

Jayme Barrett, Author, Feng Shui Your Life: Life-Altering

Gabrielle Bernstein, Author, Add More~ing To Your Life: Stepping-in (For me, personally). Demystifying (With regards to the world as we’re uncovering a lot).

Hillary Biscay, Ironman Champion: Legend!

Carver Anderson, MindBodyGreen: Midwest (I moved back to my hometown, Minneapolis.)

Tim Glenister, MindBodyGreen: Remarkable - with so much happening to our country and world in 2009, my most profound experiences were with my wife and newborn daughter.

Jason Wachob, MindBodyGreen: recessionzen (the recession forced many to bring spirituality/wellness into focus).

Tomorrow we unveil our group’s Favorite Book of 2009.

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